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Attracting visitors to our customer’s websites is a valuable part of the WebHealer service, but just how valuable is it? We thought we’d carry out […]

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Helping you grow your practice!

Some website companies focus on design. Some indulge in flashy features.For us, these are only a means to an end – our purpose is to […]

Technophobes Welcome!

You don’t need to be a technical wizz to get great results from our service. In fact a very large proportion of our customers describe […]

How does SearchMax work?

SearchMax is a solution that includes many components, most of which are behind the scenes. Some elements you will be exposed to such as the […]

Top listings with SearchMax

SearchMax is WebHealer’s proprietary solution for ensuring our clients achieve top placement on the world’s most important search engines, with Google being of course the […]

Maintenance Included?

Congrats! You’ve gone ahead and built your new website! But wait, there are changes to be made! Who is going to do them for you […]

WebHealer Customer Support

The process of building a therapist’s website is often a step out of the comfort zone for most of our customers. We are here for […]

Six Reasons Why You Need a Website for your Therapist Practice

In these digital times we find ourselves in, it has never been more important to have an online presence. This all starts with a website […]

Silver Gallery Design Option

We’ve added a great new design option for you and we call it the Silver Gallery. It is an optional upgrade but not only is […]

33 Days Left To Secure Your .UK Domain

Did you know that the deadline for reserved .uk website addresses is next month? June 25th to be exact. Up until now the preferred ending for UK […]