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If you’re struggling with your practice website, you’re not alone. Many new website owners struggle to maintain and improve their website to the point of […]

Why Is a Mobile-Friendly Website Important?

When it comes to keeping your website polished and up-to-date with the latest trends so you don’t fall behind, it can be easier said than […]

Helping you grow your practice!

Some website companies focus on design. Some indulge in flashy features.For us, these are only a means to an end – our purpose is to […]

Technophobes Welcome!

You don’t need to be a technical wizz to get great results from our service. In fact a very large proportion of our customers describe […]

How does SearchMax work?

SearchMax is a solution that includes many components, most of which are behind the scenes. Some elements you will be exposed to such as the […]

Top listings with SearchMax

SearchMax is WebHealer’s proprietary solution for ensuring our clients achieve top placement on the world’s most important search engines, with Google being of course the […]

Maintenance Included?

Congrats! You’ve gone ahead and built your new website! But wait, there are changes to be made! Who is going to do them for you […]

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