May 26, 2021

Introducing Our New Copywriting Service

We understand that writing copy for your practice website is hard. Being so close to your work often makes it tricky to clearly spell out the key messages you want to get across. It could be that writing has simply never been your thing. And if you’ve attempted to write website copy before, you will know that producing something good takes time – time that you may not have.

What we can provide

WebHealer takes the pressure off by allocating a dedicated professional copywriter to write your website text for you. They learn about your therapy services, how you work with clients, your preferred tone and style, and produce concisely written, SEO optimised copy for your practice website. The process is simple. We can do this either for a new website (£150 +VAT one time for up to 3000 words) or for an existing website on a monthly basis (£45 + VAT for two 300-500 word articles).

Here’s how it works

1. We Learn About You

You have an in-depth consultation with our copywriter over the phone. The call lasts between 15 and 30 minutes. During your talk the writer will ask questions about the therapy services you provide, making sure all important details are inserted into your website or the ongoing content we’ll create for you.

Learning the technical side of your business is just one part of the consultation. Clarifying the right tone for your website is just as important. Do you want the copy to be friendly and reassuring, or does it need to sound more professional? Should your website be information-heavy, or should it emphasise your person-centered process?
This is a chance to outline your unique approach as a therapist. Getting across your core values in this way enables the copywriter to produce high-quality copy that is personal to you.

2. We Write It

The copywriter collates the information you’ve given and uses it to write clean, personalised copy for each page on your website. Having explained the nature of your work as a therapist to the copywriter, they can now bring your therapy services and values to life online, giving visitors a clear breakdown of what your practice can offer them.
You care about ranking high on Google’s search engine results, but this is hard to achieve if you don’t know about SEO optimisation. Your copywriter takes care of that by weaving the right amount of important keywords and phrases throughout the copy to ensure your practice website is indexed correctly on Google and gets found by more people.

3. You Give Feedback

We send the finished website copy to you for review. This is your chance to make any changes to the work produced. You can do this by either directly editing the document yourself or walking the copywriter through your changes over the phone. It’s completely up to you. Once you’re totally happy, we will add the finalised copy to your practice website.

Contact us to discuss this service in greater detail – we look forward to hearing from you!