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Your Own Dedicated Professional Copywriting Service

WebHealer takes the pressure off when building your practice website by allocating a professional copywriter to write the text for you as part of our DIFM service.

We understand that getting the wording right for your practice website is a difficult and time-consuming affair. Having a dedicated specialist on hand means you can be sure that you get important messages across and achieve a higher ranking on Google.

The service takes a maximum of two weeks from start to finish, costing you just £175 + VAT for up to 3,000 words.

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The Process...


You will be sent a Calendy link to book a call with our copywriting team at a time that suits you. The chat lasts around 30 minutes, during which you will be asked questions about the services you provide. We also take care to understand the kind of tone you want to strike, making sure we produce copy that is personal to you.


Our professional copywriter will then use the information given about you and your practice to bring your therapy services and values to life online, making sure visitors get a clear breakdown of what your practice can offer them. You can have up to five pages of copy, with the entire writing process never taking longer than two weeks.


We send the finished website copy for you to review. This is your chance to make any changes to the wording, which can be done through directly editing the copy yourself or walking your copywriter through the amendments over the phone. Once you’re completely satisfied with the copy, we will add it to your practice website.

Save Time and Stress

Being so close to your work often makes it tricky to clearly get across certain key messages. Many therapists struggle with the pressure of getting the wording exactly right, and many simply don’t have the time in their busy schedules to write text for their whole website.

We take that burden off your shoulders by using a professional copywriter with high levels of experience in producing first-class copy adapted to individual client needs.

Rank Higher on Google

You care about ranking high on Google’s search engine results, but this is hard to achieve if you don’t know about SEO optimisation. Your copywriter takes care of that by weaving the right amount of important keywords and phrases throughout the copy to ensure your practice website is indexed correctly on Google and gets found by more people.


Some website design companies charge close to a four-figure sum for a full copywriting service, with some also requiring ongoing costs. At WebHealer, we charge an affordable flat fee of just £175 + VAT and don’t ask for any additional payment further down the line.

Get started...

If you are looking to launch your own practice website but don’t have the time or inclination to write your own copy, feel free to get in touch to set up your appointment with WebHealer’s copywriting team today.