January 12, 2021

3 Reasons Your Therapist Website Is NOT Working

If you’re struggling with your practice website, you’re not alone. Many new website owners struggle to maintain and improve their website to the point of seeing the success they envisioned. Indeed, the online world can be very unforgiving when it comes to winning website traffic and increasing other important signs of success, like your site’s ranking in Google search results. 

To help you out, here are 3 possible reasons why your therapist website isn’t working like it should:

Your therapist website is designed poorly / has poor navigation

Sometimes it can be hard to see our own website for what it truly is, but the truth is that if you didn’t have your website professionally designed, that design could be hurting you more than helping.

If you’re not seeing the traffic or conversion rates from your website that you’d like to see, it may be because your website is suffering from poor design. On top of making your practice look unprofessional, one of the most common side-effects of poor web design is that it makes your site very difficult to navigate for your visitors. This difficulty and inconvenience can lose you potential clients in the long run as people leave your practice website out of frustration or disinterest. 

So how do you fix poor design? We recommend hiring a professional service like WebHealer which specializes in beautiful and modern website design specifically for therapists and their clients.

Your therapist website has poor Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As a website owner, you’re probably well aware of how important your ranking is in Google’s search results. The higher up you are in the search results, the more potential clients will see you and potentially click on your website. In order to try and increase your Google ranking, there are several SEO techniques you can use, such as making sure your written content is on-topic, having mobile-friendly web design, and getting other websites to recommend your practice site. 

If you’re frustrated with the results from your practice website, it could very well be that you’re not using enough SEO techniques to increase your Google ranking adequately. This can be solved by some personal online research to increase your own expertise, or you can simply hire a professional service like WebHealer that specializes in maximizing your website’s SEO. 

Your therapist website has unclear branding

We’ve already mentioned how making sure your website content is on-topic can be a powerful SEO technique to increase your Google ranking, but did you know that a well written and designed website can help you capture your dream client?

If the clients you’re getting from your website aren’t ideal, it may be because your website isn’t communicating the correct message to your visitors. Whereas strongly themed branding on your website can help attract the perfect client for your practice, having muddied or overly-broad branding can attract clients that aren’t as good a fit for you.

The good news, is that hiring an expert service for health professionals like WebHealer is a quick and easy way to smooth out any and all branding problems you’re having with your website. WebHealer’s staff are experienced in working with you to customize your branding message and create a terrific final product that both you and your clients will love.