March 26, 2021

3 FREE Ways to Market Your Practice Website

Nobody has infinite money. It doesn’t matter if your practice is overwhelmingly successful or just starting out, it’s always a good idea to save money where you can. Thankfully there are a number of ways that you can help get your practice website in front of more potential clients without spending anything. 

To help get you started and to get your creative juices flowing, here are three free ways to market your practice website.

Use Social Media To Advise And Advertise

One of the most accessible and easiest ways to market your practice website for free is to create social media accounts for your practice. By posting on popular social media sites like Facebook, you can increase your exposure to potential clients over time. 

Start by frequently posting bits of advice, thoughtful reflections, or other therapeutically-minded content. You have the opportunity to really customize your content to your practice’s specialty. For example, if you specialize in family therapy, a thoughtful piece of content could be a conflict resolution technique for parents. 

Blog Regularly For Your Practice Website

Another great method to market your practice without spending a dime is to create your own content for your website. One of the easiest ways to facilitate this is by creating a free blog on your practice website. A blog can be a great place to post whatever kind of written content you think your dream clients would love. 

For example, consider posting a list of tips to get through a personal crisis, or an article demystifying one of your preferred therapeutic methods (ex: EMDR, meditation, etc.). 

Create A Network Of Backlinks To Your Practice Website

Here’s where your classic marketing skills can really shine because it’s time to do some networking. By networking with other practice owners, you can create opportunities to market yourself to a whole new audience of potential clients. The good news is that networking online is almost identical to networking in person. 

Try joining groups for like-minded professionals on social media (for example, a Facebook group for family therapists), or attending virtual events for professionals in your field. Use your networking skills to introduce yourself and form connections within the group until you feel comfortable asking for help marketing your practice website. 

A great way to do this is to offer to provide a link to your colleague’s website on your own practice website in exchange for them doing the same. Whenever someone creates a link to your website on another website like this, it’s called “backlink”. Collecting a lot of backlinks can help you rank higher in Google’s search result rankings!

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