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We have spent 20 years listening to our customer's requirements and evolving our product to better suit your needs as a therapist. Our team of people work hard to get you the results you deserve and commit to non-technical, plain English speak when dealing with your queries.

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“Also a big thank you to everyone for doing such a fab job on the Google placement of my website. Its now on the bottom of page 1 😊 and is slowly creeping up the page!”

Healing Feet Reflexology

Trusted by
Professional Associations

WebHealer have been appointed preferred supplier by a number of professional associations over the years, invariably as a result of a member recommending us to the board. We are very proud of these relationships. Not only are they an endorsement of our service, but the close working relationship enjoyed has been invaluable in adding to our understanding of the current and future needs of therapists, and this has fed into our research and development activities.

We are proud to serve therapists from nearly all UK professional associations including:

Trusted by
Our Customers

The most important trust is of course the trust of our customers. We receive thanks and messages of goodwill almost daily, and although we have a lot of testimonials on this website, we very rarely request them. Usually they come in as part of a normal customer service activities, such as this one.

“You have all been absolutely amazing at webhealer and can’t thank you enough. Like a breathe of fresh air!”

Clare Watkins

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“I think your support is amazing. Unfortunately I have so much work that I have a waiting list and I am having to turn down work.”

Anita Hobbs

No surprises unless it’s a good one
We don’t hard sell

We believe in a ‘no surprises’ approach, unless its a good one for our customer. We think this is a good and ethical way to run a business as well as being good business. Over 50% of our new customers come from personal recommendation.

Best in class service and support
Technophobe Friendly

You don't need to be a computer wizz to get great results from our service. Forget tech jargon, we use plain English here!

Maintenance Included

Do you need to change something on your website? No problem - we'll look after it for you within one working day, for free!

Patient Technical Support

We’re the experts for a reason- we don’t expect you to be! We’ll help with even the simplest of requests with no judgement.

Before you call support
Frequently asked questions

Can I contact you if I need help?

Absolutely. We are here for when you need us. Simply phone or email us and our customer support team will look after your query.

I am interested in partnering with WebHealer

Please contact us via our contact page and we'd be delighted to speak to you. WebHealer is the preferred website partner for several associations in the UK and we would be delighted to speak to you about catering for your members.

Can I move my existing website to you?

Yes of course. Our customer support team would be happy to walk you through the process and to support you to completion. If you don't have an existing website, that's not a problem - we'd be delighted to build one from scratch for you.

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Our free trial allows you to try out the full website editor for 14 days. You can build your webpresence and see how it feels. If you are not satisfied the trial ends and we delete your data, no questions asked.

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