January 3rd, 2019

WebHealer Clients Have Top Places on Google

Our AIDANâ„¢ process includes powerful search engine optimisation. As a result, our clients rank 5X more on the 1st page of Google than our competitor websites.

16 January 2019 Our initial analysis of website providers excluded WordPress as it is primarily used by experienced web developers and so didn’t qualify for affordability. We have now decided to include websites built with the WordPress.com simplified website builder and the top 10 list below has been updated accordingly. The new entry in fact became number two in our list and slightly reduced the gap between WebHealer and our nearest competitor as previously advertised.

During December 2018 WebHealer carried out extensive research into which website providers were most successful at obtaining page one Google placement for private practice therapist websites. Of course we suspected that the results would be favourable for WebHealer, but we didn’t realise quite how much more effective we are than everyone else. The data showed that clients of WebHealer occupied five times as many Google page 1 places than even our best performing competitor.

For those who are curious about our approach, our methodology was to choose over 350 different search phrases that would be typical and relevant for private practice therapists. We were careful to disable search history and other factors that might not give a genuine and independent search result. In fact we collaborated with Private Practice Hub who examined our raw data and our approach and gave us this declaration.

The phrases were chosen at random and covered a range of search terms both highly competitive (such as “counsellor north London”) as well as more local (such as “hypnotherapist Solihull”). Here are some more examples from the total list of 356 phrases.

  • Counselling Euston
  • Homeopath Greenwich
  • Psychotherapy Hampstead
  • Reflexology Wokingham
  • Reiki Banbury

The next step was to carry out all 356 Google searches and find out which websites were on page 1 for each search. The hardest part was then to visit every one of those websites and see which website service was behind it. There were a number of directories and major associations of course as well as independent website developers, however our focus was on larger scale website providers offering affordable websites suitable for sole practitioners.

Here is the top 10 and as you can see our nearest competitor is WordPress.com. We were surprised that some familiar names did not make the top 10 such as Google Sites, Vistaprint, Mr Site and the 123 Reg website builder. Our analysis did not look beyond page one so this may indicate the weakness of the search engine optimisation facilities provided by these services. The margin between WebHealer and the rest is very clear with WebHealer clients performing over 5 times better – 5.8 to be precise!

* Many independent designers use server based WordPress websites for their clients. The entries in this list are for cloud hosted websites which are often used by private individuals for their websites and therefore were considered to be eligible for this list of affordable website services.

If you have a therapy website that isn’t performing on Google, why not have a chat with one of our team today?