September 12, 2019

Silver Gallery Design Option

Update 2022: Silver Gallery is no longer available. Please consider one of our newer designs instead

We’ve added a great new design option for you and we call it the Silver Gallery. It is an optional upgrade but not only is it the lowest priced designer upgrade we have ever offered, it is also one of the best quality. The reason for this is that all the Silver Gallery designs are made by our most experienced designer James. Unlike the normal approach to design James has created a range of beautiful high quality designs in advance. Every one is unique and there are loads to choose from to suit a wide range of therapy types, styles of therapy and personal taste. The price is just £24+vat and they are available to existing customers as well as new customers. If you are thinking about trying out our service just ask the support team to let you view the Silver Gallery at the same time to see if there’s something that you like.