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UK Shiatsu - Find a shiatsu practitioner in England, Wales or Scotland

Shiatsu, meaning “finger pressure” is a complementary (or alternative) therapy and is known for its particular technique of massage. Originating in Japan, many centuries ago, it is a form of acupressure, and uses varying rhythms and degrees of pressure to balance the life-energy that flows through specific pathways (meridians) in the body.

Shiatsu massages are normally done fully clothed and involve pressing points on the body and stretching and opening of the energy meridians. Shiatsu is somewhat related to acupuncture, which is a form of anesthesia and therapy used in Chinese hospitals for surgery.

There are a number of societies and associations which regulate and accredit shiatsu practitioners, and a body called the General Shiatsu Council is in the process of creating a unified regulatory body for shiatsu. One of the larger member societies is the Shiatsu Society which maintains two public registers of qualified practitioners - MRSS and Graduate.
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