February 17, 2021

SEO 101: What Affects My Google Ranking?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is far from an easy topic to master. While SEO techniques are necessary to help improve your Google search result ranking, there are so many moving parts to consider that it can be hard to keep up with the most recent advice.

One way to help improve your understanding of modern SEO is by breaking down the concepts behind all the technical jargon. Here are three major ways that Google decides how high your practice website will rank in its search results. 

How Much Of An Expert You Appear To Be

One of the biggest ways you can impress Google is with your expertise on a particular area or specialty. The more written content you have on a certain topic, and the more on-topic your writing remains, the more likely Google is to think you’re an expert. 

A great way to get more written content onto your website is by starting a blog or journal where you can post your own articles on your topic of expertise. As you write content for your website in general, try to utilize as many “keywords” as possible. 

“Keywords” are words or short phrases that sum up the most important topics in your content. Google uses keywords (along with some other factors) to decide if your website is relevant to what someone is searching on their site. Keywords work best when they’re on topic with the subject of your expertise. For example, if you run a practice that specializes in family therapy, some important keywords for you could be, “therapy for families” or “family conflict resolution”.

How Much Do Other People Trust Your Website

To rank well on Google’s search results, you also have to convince Google that you’re trustworthy. You can do this by demonstrating how much other people trust your practice website and its resources.

So how do you show people trust your website? By getting other people – and their websites – to provide links back to your website. These kind of links are called “backlinks”. This endorsement of your website by others helps to show Google that you are a trustworthy source of information, and you’ll rank more highly over time as a result. 

Moreover, Google pays attention to how many people actually visit your website and how much time they spend there. This is great news because that means using good SEO techniques can create snowballing success – once potential clients start to visit your website, you’ll rank better in search results, and more visitors are sure to follow!

How Functional Is Your Website

Having a fully-functional website may seem like a basic goal, but it’s important not to underestimate its impact. It’s essential to good SEO to make sure all the links in your website go to the correct place, and that your menu and other functions of the site are working correctly.

In addition, Google now pays attention to whether or not your website is considered mobile-friendly. Being “mobile-friendly” means that your practice website adapts differently to the screen on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. If you’ve ever used a mobile device to visit a website that wasn’t mobile-friendly, you know how essential this step is! You can quickly check if your website is mobile-friendly by visiting it on your smartphone. 

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