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Trusted since 1999

A three year period of research & development preceded the launch of WebHealer. In June 1999 the founder started testing our self updating systems and launched the first website using this innovative technology. More than 5,000 websites later we are proud of our reputation in the therapy sector.

WebHealer are a small company focussed on the needs of therapists. After a period of research and development the first WebHealer customer website was launched in 2002 and we have grown steadily but cautiously ever since. We are valued and trusted by our customers and professional associations alike, and we in turn value that trust. Our customers tell us that they like the results we deliver for them and they like the way we look after them. We don't hard sell, in fact we don't even have a sales team and our support team are trained to recognise when a prospective customer has needs more complex than we can support - we say so up front and recommend another provider. We believe in a 'no surprises' approach, unless its a good one for our customer. We think this is a good and ethical way to run a business as well as being good business. Over 50% of our new customers come from personal recommendation.

Trusted by professional associations

WebHealer have been appointed preferred supplier by a number of professional associations over the years, invariably as a result of a member recommending us to the board. We are very proud of these relationships. Not only are they an endorsement of our service, but the close working relationship enjoyed has been invaluable in adding to our understanding of the current and future needs of therapists, and this has fed into our research and development activities. We are also proud of the enduring nature of these relationships, and the support of the associations as indicated by this recent discussion on Twitter.

Trusted by our customers

The most important trust is of course the trust of our customers. We receive thanks and messages of goodwill almost daily, and although we have a lot of testimonials on this website, we very rarely request them. Usually they come in as part of a normal customer service activities, such as this one.

After 10 years in clinic I have finally decided to retire into the countryside and spend more time with my family. For this reason please can you take down my website asap.Sincere thanks for introducing me to James your web designer - he did a magnificent job 10 years ago, and the site has stood the test of time and had many admirers over the years. He is a great credit to you. As for WebHealer - you work away quietly and professionally in the background, and it has been a pleasure working with you. I really have appreciated all you do, so thanks again.
Ros Morgan

In our client's words: Jeanne Rayment Reflexologist

Trusted Since 1999. Jeane iPad

I have been extremely pleased with my new website design. I was also very impressed with the service provided. All my questions and ideas were acted on very quickly, so I now have a website I am extremely proud of. I have been recording the number of hits since having my new website, and I have found the number of people who are visiting the site has not only increased but more are now reading all the pages instead of just the home page. I love the way I can alter my website content at any time and the fabulous new design - thank you!
Therapy Area: Reflexology
Website: www.jeanne-reflexology.co.uk

In our client's words: Aquarius Health

Trusted Since 1999. Aquarius Laptop New

I'm really impressed that I'm on top of Google with your product. What I really like also is that a small company like yours is better than the largest one. That means that 'small' is not only beautiful but also powerful and this is a profound, inspiring and re-empowering realisation. I feel proud to be the customer of an intelligent human sized company.
Therapy Area: Complementary Therapy
Website: www.aquariushealth.webhealer.net

In our client's words: Dudley Kent MBAcC MRCHM MRSS

Trusted Since 1999. Dudley Laptop

I've been thoroughly impressed by WebHealer. My Shiatsu and TCM website looks very professional, and thanks to their skill in getting me a top search listing, I usually get a new client through the website every 2-3 weeks. In fact the site paid for itself for the whole year, within a month of going live
Therapy Area: Shiatsu, Acupuncture, TCM
Website: www.city-acupuncture.com

In our client's words: Erica Ruse Whalley

Trusted Since 1999. Erica Ruse in Situ iPad

I am very pleased with both the increase of client enquiries since I changed to you, and the information and ways you provide to check visitor activity as well as SearchMax etc. I look forward to further progress on Google and would like to thank WebHealer.
Therapy Area: Counselling for Children, Teenagers and Adults
Website: www.stillvoice.co.uk