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Why switch to WebHealer?

Around 100 therapists a year move their existing websites to WebHealer, nearly always after a recommendation from colleagues. They come for better results, easier management and better features

We have a lot of experience transferring websites from other providers to our systems. Since we began, over 1,200 customers have been through this process. Some move for easier updating facilities, some for our mobile friendly design quality and some for our highly regarded customer service. The most common reason is that friends have recommended us for our success in helping them do well on Google.

We focus on results

I have only been with you for a short while but the amazing results are outstanding. I have had contacts from as far as New Zealand, Australia and Amsterdam .. all since I changed my website provider .. I don't know how you do it, but really hope more practitioners get on board as they will benefit beyond their expectations as I have.Thank you, once again..Patricia

So how do we do it? Well there's no black magic, just a comprehensive process (we call AIDAN) that would be commonplace for a large online business with a marketing department and a large budget, but understandably rare for small individual practitioners. It involves steady improvement, monitoring and feedback, testing and research. Mostly this is done by us behind the scenes but when our customers need to get involved we take the approach of a steady guiding hand rather than a deluge of technobabble. Our SearchMax page explains more about our approach to top Google placement and our AIDAN page explains our overall process.

Start afresh or re-engineer for optimal performance

If you're moving to our service, one of the first discussions we'd have is whether you want to move across your existing website design or start afresh with one of ours. If you aren't currently mobile friendly we'd strongly suggest letting go of your current design as a good 'responsive' design that adapts to different display sizes needs to be constructed quite differently from the ground up.

Even if you do want to keep your existing design, it isn't a simple copy/paste process to move it to our systems. Most websites are built with all the content and design merged together, but this doesn't allow for self updating. With our system we keep them separate so that you can update your contents separately from the design. Importantly it also allows us to constantly improve and upgrade SearchMax and the underlying platform.

Why Switch to WebHealer. Multi Layer Architecture New

WebHealer Multi Layer Architecture

The above multi layer architecture is what allows us to deliver so much whilst keeping costs low. Whenever we make improvements we can apply them quickly to every client, without the need for manual work on every single website. It also provides a number of options to meet your needs and your budget when it comes to switching to us.Options for moving your website to WebHealer

OptionYour DesignYour ContentPrice
1Designer reconstructs existing design on our systemDesigner moves across to our systemHigher
2Designer reconstructs existing design on our systemCustomer adds via editor
3Customer selects and customises standard designCustomer adds via editorLower

If you are undecided as to what might be the best approach for you, we'd recommend you give our websites a try and see how you get on. You can try the editor to see how easy it is to make updates. You can explore the standard WebHealer designs we have available, and you can use the Style & Design Centre to customise them.

Which approach is best for you? Take our free trial.

Try the editor and explore the design and customisation options. Take your time. We'll give you a test website to try out for up to two weeks. We'll start with a quick chat to understand your needs. How shall we contact you?