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Passionate about value for money

Our commitment to bring you more clients means a basic hosting service is not good enough. We've created a comprehensive package of features - no silly gizmos, just the important stuff like search engine optimisation. All at incredible value for money.

There's a famous adage "build it and they will come". That does not apply to websites, as you will know if you've tried running your own website already. On top of the hosting and design charges, you need ongoing search engine expertise to achieve high levels of visibility. You need marketing advice to help ensure your website content engages with your audience, and as technology changes all the time, you need technical advice to make sure people can see your website on new devices - as well as protecting your website from cyber threats.You could spend a very long time trying to learn these skills yourself or run up a big bill buying them in. That's where we come in as therapy website specialists. By focussing on the needs of one sector we can assemble the package of features, service and support that you need and keep the costs down. Even our most basic "website for a tenner" service includes everything you need to reach out to clients with top Google placement and the latest social media integration. We've led the way in low cost, results focussed websites for over 10 years and we're as committed to that principle now as ever.

"Worth it for the SEO alone"

Someone told me if I give them money they can get me on the first page of google, I am anyway!! Well done and thanks for your help

If you look at our AIDAN process on the getting more clients page you'll see that before your website can achieve anything it first needs visitor attention of the right kind. This makes visitors who come via web search particularly valuable as they have a serious interest as opposed to casual browsers. Attracting these visitors, however, can be costly whether you use paid adverts (e.g. Google AdWords) or search engine optimisation (SEO).

Passionate About Value for Money. SEO 65 New

We recently conducted some analysis to calculate how valuable our search engine work was, based on the visitors it attracts from Google alone (i.e. excluding Bing, Yahoo etc). You can read more about the analysis on our blog page as the value varies depending on what therapy you practice and where you are, but in all cases the value was significantly more than our entire website service costs. In some cases it was worth up to £65 per month for our clients.

Free upgrades as new web technologies emerge

Passionate About Value for Money. Laptop Phone Watch

We have a unique technology behind our system that keeps your website contents separate to your website design. It allows our customers to start with an "off-the-shelf" Bronze design (see our design page for more details) and then easily upgrade to something more individually designed at a later date should they wish. We are also constantly adding to our library of "off-the-shelf" designs which incorporate the latest web technologies. This library is available free to all customers who can switch between any design whenever they like.

Over 1,500 customers have upgraded to a new mobile friendly design over the last two years at no extra charge. Now we're working on the next generation of web technologies for them.

It takes a high quality service to operate at low cost

If you're worried that "low cost" means we use cheap technology that is more likely to let you down, we'd like to reassure you that the opposite is true. We believe that poor service is also bad business. Our support team doesn't want to spend all day responding to complaints. We'd rather be helping our clients get great results from their websites.

  • We use a very high grade data centre - housed in an ex cold war nuclear bunker !
  • We run a complete duplicate of our client websites in a separate data centre in North America
  • We test every website daily and engineers monitor our systems 24/7

Great service and great results for our clients are crucial to enable us to grow and keep on investing.
Hi Becca - I have had some great responses to my website and I have sung your praises and recommended WebHealer to everyone!Thanks so much for such great support.