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Every week clients switch to WebHealer from other website providers, usually to improve their position on Google and other search engines. This is at the heart of our commitment to achieve results for all our clients, and so all WebHealer websites include our searchMAX system as standard.

In a Nutshell. Searchmax Laptop

Please contact us if you would like more information about SearchMax, as it is an extremely effective system which we have been developing and refining for over 7 years. The complicated elements are however all "behind the scenes" and many clients have (and need) very little understanding of it, yet simply see the results through top listings - almost all page 1. With this in mind you may find the following case study of interest.

Case Study - Partnering Parents

I had been very happy with WebHealer, and getting clients through my website, but I was keen to get more and a friend recommended a new provider. I explained to them that search engines were important, but I was assured that the current positions wouldn't drop. Just 6 months after moving, my website had dropped from page 1 of Google to page 5, and I hadn't had a single enquiry. My new web provider was very busy and difficult to get hold of, and just didn't give me any help with this. Finally, I contacted WebHealer to move back and they were more than helpful. Now I'm delighted to go back to the same friendly and responsive service I'd had before. I'd also missed the ease of making updates, which had been VERY frustrating with my other provider, and the detailed table of visitor activity. Thank you again all of you for your help and support.Lysbeth Hyx
For clients with no experience of other website providers, the full strength of the searchMAX system is sometimes only appreciated if they choose to leave. We keep a track of how clients perform on search engines when they leave and our analysis shows a very clear pattern of the website dropping down the search listings.One client recently shared her experience of trying another website company, who made reassuring promises at the start, but was unable to follow through.Lysbeth also emailed us 2 weeks later, after we had restored her website to our systems and reapplied the searchMAX system.
"I may be mistaken, but am I not shooting up the search engines already?!! ...
So it's not in my dreams!! I feel really energised and excited. I really can't believe what you've done for me and SO fast. THANK YOU ALL OF YOU. I have given your name to loads of people in the past and will continue to do so singing your praises."
Lysbeth Hyx, 20 July 2009