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Our Prices

We're passionate about value for money. Our comprehensive service is designed for business growth but our prices are comparable to a basic hosting contract

At risk of repeating ourselves, our purpose is to help you grow your business and we are constantly enhancing our service to further that goal. Our prices however remain the same, never increased since they were set in 2002 and with every intention to keep it that way. Yes if you shop around you can find hosting at lower cost but hosting is like renting an empty field as a base for your practice - as a business you need serviced therapy rooms. Our monthly fee includes hosting as you'd expect plus all these core features:
  1. Email support and marketing advice
  2. Top Google places via SearchMax
  3. Your own administration page which let's you make instant changes
  4. Email contact form (with spam protection)
  5. Reporting and statistics
  6. Simple to use plugins for social media
  7. Free design upgrades as technology evolves

Our aim is that your WebHealer website brings you more business. Its a simple goal, and we stand by it.

Explanation of Charges

To get started with WebHealer we make a one off charge to launch your website and the ongoing service charge is then paid on a quarterly (3 monthly) basis by Direct Debit. There is no annual contract so you aren't committed to anything beyond the current quarter although you do need to give us 14 days notice before a quarter end.The launch cost depends on the level of design you require as shown below. Search engine analysis and consultation is included as standard, and the vast majority of our customers start with a Bronze design, as our unique approach allows design upgrades at any future point with no down-time or impact on your update abilities or other functionality.

Launch CostsPrice (ex VAT)
Website setup
(includes search engine consultation and analysis)
Then add on your choice of design
Bronze Design
Silver Design
Gold Design

Included Free
£150 - £450 typical

Service charges are explained below. The majority of our clients choose the basic service and their own domain name and so pay £37.50+vat every 3 months or £45 inclusive of VAT (At 2016 VAT rates).

Service Charge(1)Price (ex VAT)
Basic service (5 pages plus core features)
Basic Plus service (8 pages plus core features)
Premium service (20 pages plus core features)
= £30/qtr
= £39/qtr
= £60/qtr
Domain name registration, hosting and monitoring(2)
(per domain name)
£2.50/mth= £7.50/qtr
Email forwarding & Spamhaus certified sending
(per email address)
£1.50/mth= £4.50/qtr
(1) Charges are collected by Direct Debit in advance on a quarterly basis (for clarity you don't pay the monthly as well). As long as your Direct Debit is in place you automatically get an additional bonus page. Core features refers to the 7 core features in the bullet list at the top of the page.(2) We're fanatical about monitoring. We internally monitor all client website addresses to ensure domain systems are working reliably as well as using specialist monitoring company ippatrol for 24/7 external monitoring. We also synchronise a complete duplicate of every client's website to a backup server in North America.

Don't pay now. Start with a chat and a free trial.

We always start with a chat and then a free trial if you're happy. This allows us to check we can meet your needs and ensure everything goes smoothly, so the only surprises are good ones!