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What if I do more than one therapy?

Many of our clients do. The basic package comes with 5 pages (and its free and easy to get a bonus page - just ask us how) so you can easily allocate 2 or 3 pages for different therapies, and still have pages to talk about your credentials, contact details and even a blog!

Can you get me on page 1 of Google?

We never guarantee placement on Google, as we do not control how Google organises its listings. What we do have is an excellent track record of securing page one places for our clients using SearchMax. At our last check, over 85% of our clients were on page one. See our SearchMax page for more information on what we do and how we do it.

What are the options for updating?

From your own administration page you can do any of the following and much more in just a few seconds.

  • Add/alter an item description or photograph
  • Easily link your website with others
  • Add a new page to your website
  • Change the overall style and design to your taste

  • How much is it?

    Our goal is to get clients started on the web, with a professional looking website, and the necessary support to start producing results for £10+vat/month and a one off £50+vat setup charge. Our "website for a tenner" deal uses a website address based on our webhealer.net address so many clients instead take their own registered website address making a typical monthly cost of £12.50+vat. For more pricing details click here.

    Why do I need to pay an ongoing fee?

    Unlike a printed brochure, running a website is more like having a telephone service, since behind the scenes there are many computer systems as well as 24 hour "on-call" engineers and much more. We even have duplicate systems in North America in case of major failure. Having said that, the basic hosting technology represents the smallest part of our costs, with search engine promotion and customer support being the largest. In fact we are often told what tremendous value for money our service represents. If you want to know why click here.

    Can I transfer my website to you to get better placed on search engines?

    Yes you can, in fact around 100 clients a year switch to us from other website providers for exactly that reason. You can read more on our switching to WebHealer page.

    How much input do I have into design?

    We have different options for design to meet your requirements and your budget. Most clients start with our Bronze service, using one of our "off the shelf" designs which are highly customisable by you at no charge, allowing you to incorporate your own logo and colour scheme. We also have a Silver and Gold service. Click here for more information about design.

    Can you help with the content of my website?

    Yes we can. Our team will review, advise and recommend improvements as part of the service. Editorial control to make changes remains with you unless you use one of our designers, which involves an additional charge. The vast majority of our customers make their own changes though and find it easy to do so. Our customer support team are there to help of course if you get stuck.

    Does the website price include a domain name?

    With our most basic service we will provide a website address known as a subdomain, which looks like www.yourbusiness.webhealer.net. Alternatively we can register and manage your own domain name (in the form www.yourbusiness.com) for a small additional fee. For more pricing details click here.

    How many pages do you provide?

    Our basic package includes up to 5 pages (and its free and easy to get a bonus page - just ask us how), which provides a lot of space, since each page scrolls down. Our premium package includes up to 20 pages. Do you need more? Just ask.

    Can I put my own logo on the website?

    Yes you can. We have several "off the shelf" designs included in our basic service that allow you to customise them with your own logo, and colour scheme. Its easy to do and our support team will guide you through it.

    Should I register an address before starting your free trial?

    We would advise not, since we would then need to transfer the domain/web address from the registrar that you used to the one we use. Some domains are locked from transfer for 90 days after registration, and until the domain is with our registrar we can't start the search engine work. Either way, of course, you retain legal ownership of your domain name.

    Can I link to other websites?

    Yes of course. Its very easy to do. In fact if you start a free trial with us, you can test it for yourself before paying us a penny. We always recommend this. Click here for information on our free trial

    Where is the help guide?

    There is a whole suite of help guides which are part of our EZ guide series as well as video tutorials. Here is a link to the main WebHealer Help Guide which has links to the others.