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Recommended by Professional Therapist Associations

WebHealer is proud to be recommended as preferred supplier of websites to the members of a growing number of professional therapist associations. Here are some examples.

Association Logos

Adlerian Society UK

With its roots in the Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler, the Adlerian Society was founded in 1952, and is an organisational member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (www.bacp.co.uk). WebHealer runs the websites of many Adlerian Society members, as well as the Society's own website www.adleriansociety.co.uk.

We have used WebHealer for many years, not just because of their prompt and genuinely helpful responses to our queries and suggestions, but also due to their continuous reliability in maintaining our search engine ranking, which is always very high. This is an excellent service at a fair price and we wholeheartedly recommend it to our members.
Wendy Goddard - Chair of ASIIP

Association of Reflexologists

Founded in 1984, The The Association of Reflexologists is one of the largest reflexology organisations in the world, and continues to grow with upwards of 7,500 members. For a full list of AoR membership benefits, including preferential terms for the WebHealer service click here.Our relationship with the AoR now goes back over 10 years, having established our preferred supplier relationship in 2004. During that period we have written dozens of articles for the AoR journal Reflexions, published a website marketing booklet, created custom plug-ins for members and collaborated on many initiatives such as our support of World Reflexology Week.

Counsellors UK

CounsellorsUK is a register and directory designed to be a counselling and psychotherapy nucleus for reputable and qualified counsellors and psychotherapists from the main UK professional bodies under one umbrella, thus ensuring the general public access only reputable therapists with a minimum amount of training and supervision. CounsellorsUK are the only register to specify which membership categories they approve from the main UK professional bodies. This gives CounsellorsUK information to provide accurate figures to the DOH and Public Health England thus finally providing evidence of how many suitably qualified practitioners there are within the UK and which issues individuals are suffering from.To find out more about CounsellorsUK, click here for more information or to find a reputable counsellor in your town or city, visit www.counsellorsuk.org.

CounsellorsUK have chosen to partner WebHealer due to their professionalism and outstanding customer service not to mention their commitment to ongoing development of new features.
Emma Taylor, Founder & Counsellor

Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists

The Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP) is a professional network representing physiotherapists who are interested in integrating Western Evidence Based Acupuncture into mainstream physiotherapy. With around 6500 members, we represent physiotherapists applying acupuncture within clinical management in both the National Health Service (NHS) and private practice. The Association was founded over 30 years ago and has grown steadily to become the organisation that it is today, not only representing acupuncture physiotherapists, but also providing AACP Accredited Foundation Courses for those who want to train in acupuncture, and CPD events for those who have already trained. (Full press release here)

The Board of AACP has chosen WebHealer as the recommended supplier of websites to our members. The Board were particularly impressed by their commitment to helping AACP members achieve results via the internet. Their websites feature easy self-updating tools, and highly effective search engine optimisation, and their "mission" is to attract more patients to their clients' practices.

WebHealer Preferred Supplier Scheme

WebHealer invites other professional therapy associations to contact us regarding additional benefits that we can offer your members as part of a Preferred Supplier relationship.