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Beautiful, original, and effective designs

We love to create beautiful designs for our clients, but we're also passionate about providing incredible value for money. That's why we created our unique Gold, Silver and Bronze approach to website design. It provides something for every situation and budget.
What is most important to you in a design?
  • Top quality bespoke design without compromise
  • Stylish and individual, but with an eye on the budget
  • Professional quality for the lowest cost

We created our 3 tier Gold, Silver and Bronze service to cater for you. Perhaps instead you already have a website you love, but want to switch to WebHealer to take advantage of our success with search engines, or the ability to update the contents yourself easily. See our switching to WebHealer page for more details on switching to us. These great value design options apply whether switching to us or starting afresh. We offer a summary below as well as a more detailed presentation of our design service.

BronzeFree Self Customisation
The WebHealer service allows self editing of colours and feature images / logos to personalise your design.

SilverLow Cost Design Options
Choose from a range of pre-built options, for rapid low cost customisation by a junior designer. Great value!

GoldPremium Bespoke Design
A one-to-one bespoke design service with an experienced designer. Maximum flexibility. Exquisite design.

The WebHealer Gold Service

Beautiful Designs. Gold Cambridge New

Duncan Stafford is a long standing client of WebHealer enjoying a strong search engine position. He recently upgraded his existing Gold design to a new mobile friendly version. The design project was something of a collaboration as Duncan wanted to use his own art in the design and needed a matching tone and style. www.counsellingincambridge.co.ukMore Gold examples: www.mayfair-therapy-practice.com
www.theplanetree.co.uk www.imogenellisjones.co.uk www.maternityreflexologyessex.co.ukGold designs are our finest quality. See our Gold Design Service page for more examples. To make designs like these, WebHealer partners with Griffen Mill Pixel Factory.

The WebHealer Silver Service

Beautiful Designs. Silver

Jill Davidson needed a website for her counselling practice that made a connection with the kind of urban clients she typically sees. She did not have the budget for a Gold design, but still needed a designer's eye to help with imagery and a harmonious colour palette to ensure a professional result. Our silver service was just the ticket. www.jilldavidsoncounselling.co.ukMore examples: www.pathwayacupuncture.net www.naturalbalance.org.uk www.fionagregorytherapy.co.uk Anjali Leverton Counselling

The WebHealer Bronze Service

Beautiful Designs. Bronze on Laptop

Our Bronze service comes as standard with all WebHealer packages. We provide online tools to allow you to choose from over 30 design options - these are much more than generic templates as each one is hugely customisable using our flexible but simple designer tools. Change the colour scheme and font, then swap in different graphics and you can make your own highly individual website design by yourself. When you need help, just contact the WebHealer support team for advice. Here are a few examples:www.gestalttherapist.co.uk www.bromptonacupuncture.com www.nafeezatowheed.co.uk www.mindbodyandsoletherapies.co.uk

Results first !

Are you wary of risking a big sum of money on a website? We completely understand! In fact we encourage clients to start with our Bronze service. It offers great professional design, at extremely low cost. See our standard prices. We have a unique architecture which means that once see results coming through your website you can choose to upgrade the design independently of your content. You can even see this in action if you take a free trial with us.

Can I start out simple and upgrade later?

Why not try our Bronze Service today!

Don't spend more than you need to. Give our free trial a whirl and test out the Bronze service, as it may well be all you need.