February 24, 2021

How Does a BETTER Website Get You BETTER Clients?

Is your practice website failing to bring in the type of potential clients that you want? The problem may be the quality of your actual website itself. 

There are several reasons to upgrade your old website to something more modern and beautiful, but bringing in potential clients better suited for you and your practice is an excellent reason. Here are four ways that a better website finds you better clients.

Clearer Branding Brings In More Dream Clients

A better website has many advantages over an outdated or unattractive website. For one, an ideal website for your practice – such as one created by WebHealer – has clear and consistent branding across the entire site. This means having a unifying message and tone that helps to tie all of your content together and makes you look more professional as a result. 

More than that, the clearer branding that an attractive and uncluttered website offers also helps to clarify both what you’re offering to your potential clients and what kind of potential clients you’re seeking. Good branding attracts more of your optimal potential clients by making your areas of expertise obvious and by targeting the specific concerns of your dream clients. This means that when your ideal potential client goes looking for help, they’ll find you more often than before – and when they find you, they’re more likely to decide to become a client.  

An Easy-To-Use Website Attracts More Clients

If you’ve ever had to navigate an outdated or poorly designed website, you know how easy it is for those flaws to drive away web traffic. Nobody likes using a website with broken menu links, confusing navigation paths, or missing content. As a result, websites with poor functionality like this will struggle to attract as many dream clients as a website which functions properly.

Having a website which avoids these pitfalls of poor design is crucial to drawing – and keeping – the attention of your potential clients.

A Well-Written Website Makes You Look Like An Expert

Nowadays it’s not enough to simply drop all your relevant information onto the homepage of your website and hope for the best. Having well designed and written content distributed across your practice site is essential for making you look like a professional and an expert in your field. If the topic of your content starts to meander away from your key message, it can end up reflecting poorly on your expertise as a practice owner and make potential clients more hesitant to trust you with their care. 

However, when you have a properly organized website with plenty of well-written information on your particular speciality, you appear like a trustworthy resource that potential clients can turn to as an authority in the field.

A Modern, Beautiful Website Enhances Your Google Ranking

All three of these benefits to getting a better website – better branding, functionality, and content – also help to attract more optimal potential clients to your practice in another way. All of them also help to improve your website’s ranking in Google’s search results!

Having a modern website with clear branding, easy navigation, and fresh and on-topic content will give you a serious advantage over websites which are missing these characteristics when it comes to your Google ranking.

Looking for a better website that does more for you and your practice? Looking for an expert team to help get you there? Then look no further than WebHealer! With personal, guided support we will help you build and maintain the best possible website for your practice.