September 19th, 2017

The Value of Gold

Attracting visitors to our customer’s websites is a valuable part of the WebHealer service, but just how valuable is it? We thought we’d carry out some analysis to find out. Visitors come from many sources of course including search engines, directories, and friend’s recommendations, so we decided to focus just on the visitors that come from our search engine work promoting clients on Google.

This allows us to put a value on our work by calculating what Google would have charged if the visits came from their paid advertising.The first step was to see how many visits our customers get from Google in a month.

We excluded brand new websites as well as websites where the customer had not followed at least some of our advice about Google friendly content. We then measured the visits received by each client over a calendar month and came up with a wide range but with an overall average of 52 visits each.

Then we used Google’s AdWords system to see what it would have cost us to purchase 52 visits from Google over that period. We used the going rate charged by Google this month. The pricing does vary, as Google uses a bidding system which results in more competitive search phrases costing more than others, but in all cases it was significantly more than the entire monthly WebHealer service charge – by quite a margin.