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UK Psychotherapists offering psychotherapy

Psychotherapy encompasses a set of techniques intended to cure or improve psychological and behavioral problems. Psychotherapy is one of the "talking therapies", usually conducted face-to-face between between therapist and patient. Visit Wikipedia for a more detailed explanation. As topics of discussion tend to be of a sensitive nature, patient confidentiality is essential, and therapists are expected, and may be legally bound, to respect patient privacy. BACP Registered counsellors and therapists and UKCP Registered therapists will be bound by the Code of Ethics and Practice demanded by these professional bodies.

Psychotherapists listed below may use one or more of the following kinds of techniques: analytical, behavioural and cognitive, experiential, humanistic or integrative. Some therapists may also use hypnotherapy. Ultimately psychotherapy aims to help patients overcome psychological problems, resulting from stress,  trauma, bereavement, relationship breakdown or other causes.

If you are based in London, our main psychotherapists in London page may be more useful to you, or try our counselling page.

Psychotherapy and Counselling for St Albans | Counsellor near Watford and Hatfield
Website: www.nicolawyldtherapist.co.uk

Counselling and Psychotherapy Workshops in Loughborough | Counsellor Seminars and Courses near Leicester and Nottingham
Website: www.pipsseminars.com

Counselling and Psychotherapy in Godalming | Eating Disorders Counsellor in Guildford and Esher
Website: www.alysonfergusoncounselling.com

Counsellor in Shrewsbury | Psychotherapy & Counselling for Shropshire
Website: www.libmeakincounselling.uk

Jungian Psychotherapy near Uccle and Fort Jaco | Counselling & Psychotherapy near Rhode Saint Genèse
Website: www.jungiantherapy4you.com

Reiki in Bognor Regis | Crystal Therapy and Massage for Chichester & Littlehampton
Website: www.miragehealthandwellbeing.co.uk

Hypnotherapist in Cheltenham near Gloucester | Psychotherapy and Counselling near Tewkesbury
Website: www.elizabethfloyer.com

Dursley & Islington | Psychotherapy & Counsellor for Cirencester
Website: www.ajaxscott.com

Counsellor in St Albans near Hemel Hempstead | Counselling and Psychotherapy near Luton
Website: www.counsellinginstalbans.com

Counselling and Psychotherapy in Oxford | Therapy Room Hire near Witney
Website: www.OTS-Oxfordtherapycentre.co.uk

Counselling and psychotherapy in Ashford | Counsellor near Egham and Staines
Website: www.deniseharry.com

Specialist Anxiety Therapist | Anxiety Therapy Warwick, Leamington, Warwickshire, Stratford Upon Avon
Website: www.sarahsteventon.com

Counselling and Psychotherapy in Cheshunt | Counsellor in Hertford near Stevenage
Website: www.rachaellashmarcounselling.com

Counselling and Psychotherapy for Ipswich and Woodbridge | Counsellor near Aldeburgh
Website: www.psychotherapyinsuffolk.com

Counsellor Newmarket | Counselling & Psychotherapy near Bury St Edmunds
Website: www.anniemckinneycounselling.co.uk

Counselling & Psychotherapy in Godalming | Counsellor for Guildford & Cranleigh
Website: www.luciehowell.co.uk

Psychotherapy and Counselling in Donnybrook | School Mindfulness course in Dublin 4
Website: www.geraldinegriffin.com

EFT in Brighton and Hove | Facetime Counselling and Psychotherapy
Website: www.eliatherapy.com

Counselling & Psychotherapy for Milton Keynes & Market Harborough | Counsellor near Bletchley
Website: www.elizabethclarke.com

Counselling & Psychotherapy for Surbiton & Kingston | Online Counsellor
Website: www.nadinelanecounselling.co.uk

Counselling and EMDR in Leeds | Psychotherapy near Bradford and Ilkley
Website: www.awcounselling.net

Counsellor Godalming & Farnham | Counselling & Psychotherapy for Guildford
Website: www.flourishcounselling.net

Counsellor in Glasgow Southside | Psychotherapy and Counselling for Glasgow
Website: www.alisonhuntertherapy.co.uk

Psychotherapy and counselling in Norwich | Counsellor in Norfolk
Website: www.kateohalloran.com

Counsellor for Hove and Brighton | Psychotherapy and Counselling
Website: www.brighton-hove-counselling.net

Counselling and psychotherapy in Windsor & Maidenhead | Counsellor near Slough
Website: www.elizabethbutlercounselling.com

Psychotherapist in Enfield | Counselling and Psychotherapy for Haringey & Waltham Cross
Website: www.conscious-minds.org.uk

Reigate and Redhill | Counsellor and Therapist near Dorking
Website: www.reigate-counselling.co.uk

Psychoanalyst in Edinburgh City Centre | Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in the Scottish Borders
Website: www.brucescott.org.uk

Counsellor in Liverpool near St Helens | Weight loss counselling and psychotherapy in Merseyside
Website: www.zencounselling.co.uk

Bishopston Bristol | Counselling Psychotherapist for Clifton
Website: www.riderpsychotherapy.co.uk

Counsellor for Wokingham | Counselling & Psychotherapy near Bracknell and Crowthorne
Website: www.jennyandersoncounselling.co.uk

Harpenden and Hatfield | Psychotherapy and Counsellor near Luton
Website: www.sallybuncetherapy.co.uk

Schuman and Woluwe | Psychotherapist and English Counsellor in Brussels
Website: www.judysleathpsychotherapy.com

Haslemere, Surrey | Psychotherapist and Gestalt Therapist near Godalming
Website: www.margaretgoillontherapy.co.uk

Counsellor in Chertsey near Cobham | Counselling and Psychotherapy near Weybridge
Website: www.rmannerscounselling.co.uk

Earley near Wokingham | Psychotherapy and Counsellor near Reading
Website: www.innerselfcounselling.com

Devon and the South Hams | Therapist and Counsellor in Teignbridge
Website: www.counsellorssouthwest.org

Weymouth & Dorset | Counsellor & Psychotherapy near Dorchester
Website: www.bronwenpearsoncounselling.co.uk

Iver and Slough | Psychotherapy with Psychotherapist near Windsor
Website: www.jmmclinecounselling.co.uk

Dorking near Reigate | Psychotherapy and counsellor near Crawley
Website: www.nikiridgleycounselling.com

Counsellor for Andover near Winchester | Counselling & psychotherapy near Newbury
Website: www.mandymartincounselling.co.uk

TMS Psychotherapy by Skype from the UK | Sarno Psychotherapist
Website: www.tmspsychotherapy.co.uk

Counselling & Psychotherapy in Tiverton, near Cullompton | Counsellor in mid Devon
Website: www.kaleidoscopetherapy.com

Hertford & Welwyn Garden City | Psychotherapist & Counsellor near Hatfield
Website: www.felicityreedcounselling.co.uk

Market Harborough | Psychotherapy Counsellor near Leicester and Northampton
Website: www.adlpsychotherapy.co.uk

Counsellor in Leicester | Counselling and Psychotherapy near Leicester City Centre
Website: www.susanbyrnecounselling.com

Counsellor in central Oxford | Psychotherapy and Counselling
Website: www.oxford-psychotherapy.co.uk

Kennington and Streatham | Psychotherapy with Counsellor near Oval
Website: www.btccounselling.co.uk

Weybridge and Esher | Psychotherapy Counsellor near Walton on Thames
Website: www.srcounselling.co.uk

Counsellor for Farnham and Aldershot | Counselling and Psychotherapy near Farnborough
Website: www.slscounselling.com

Warrington | Memory loss and Dementia Psychotherapy for St Helens
Website: www.memorytherapy.co.uk

Counselling and Psychotherapy in Braunton, near Barnstaple, Devon - Avril Z Parker
Website: www.psychotherapy-counselling-devon.co.uk

Counsellor for Southampton and Portsmouth | Psychotherapy and Counselling in Fareham
Website: www.weststreetcounselling.co.uk

Counsellor in Farnham | Psychotherapy and Counselling for Farnborough and Aldershot
Website: www.louisecounselling.com

Counselling and Psychotherapy in Horsham | Dorking and Crawley area Counsellor
Website: www.ewcounselling.co.uk

Godalming and Guildford | Psychotherapy counsellor near Haslemere
Website: www.sallystevensoncounselling.co.uk

Psychotherapist for North Bristol | Gestalt Psychotherapy and Counselling in St Werburghs
Website: www.tonydonaghytherapy.com

Psychotherapy and Counselling for Northwood and Harrow | Counsellor near Watford
Website: www.counsellingnorthwood.co.uk

Counsellor for New Malden and Surbiton | Counselling and Psychotherapy for Waterloo
Website: www.carlafranketherapy.co.uk

Bath | Stress and fertility Counselling
Website: www.psychotherapyandcounselling.net

Leicester | Psychotherapy Counsellor for Leicester
Website: www.jamessterncounselling.co.uk

Counsellor for Guildford | Counselling near Haslemere and Godalming
Website: www.pjncounsellingmediation.co.uk

Counsellor for Suffolk and Bury St Edmunds | Counselling and Psychotherapy in Sudbury
Website: www.ejscounselling.co.uk

Counselling and Psychotherapy in Shrewsbury Shropshire | Counsellor near Telford
Website: www.dscounselling.net

Chichester and Arundel | Mindfulness based Psychotherapy for West Sussex
Website: www.amanda-ashmanwymbs.co.uk

Counselling and Psychotherapy in Leamington Spa and Warwickshire | Counsellor for Warwick
Website: www.patienceoneill.co.uk

Didcot and Wallingford | Counsellor and psychotherapist in Oxfordshire
Website: www.hmcounselling.com

Counselling and Psychotherapy for Stockport and Manchester - Therapy in Northenden
Website: www.janetnealtherapy.co.uk

Trowbridge, Wiltshire. Psychotherapy and Personal Development in Bath
Website: www.insightfulcompany.co.uk

Counselling and Psychotherapy in Dalston - Counsellor for Stoke Newington & Hackney
Website: www.fionallewellyncounselling.co.uk

Counsellor and Psychotherapist in Jericho and East Oxford - Counselling for Oxford
Website: www.oxfordcounsellingservice.co.uk

Psychotherapy and Counselling for Dorking & Leatherhead | Therapy for Epsom & Ashtead
Website: www.rosemarybowden.co.uk

Counselling & Psychotherapy in East Oxford near Headington & Oxford City Centre ! Counsellor Yvonne Noble
Website: www.psychotherapyinoxford.co.uk

Counselling Therapy in Cobham - Counsellor near Weybridge and Walton upon Thames
Website: www.sheilalauchlanpsychotherapy.co.uk

Counsellor in Deal | Psychotherapy and Counselling near Dover and Ramsgate
Website: www.bjmcounsellingpsychotherapy.co.uk

Counselling and Psychotherapy in Fareham - Counsellor for Southampton and Portsmouth
Website: www.onesong.org.uk

Counsellor in Coventry | Counselling & Psychotherapy in Coventry
Website: www.quietmindz.co.uk

Counselling and Psychotherapy by Counsellor in Loughborough, Leicestershire - Diane Arthur Counselling
Website: www.dianearthur-therapy.co.uk

Psychotherapy and Counselling in Nottingham | Anger management
Website: www.Synergycounselling.com

Counselling and Psychotherapy by Counsellor in Leicester - Christopher Davis And Associates
Website: www.christopherdavisandassociates.co.uk

Psychotherapist for South Devon and Exeter | Focusing and Psychotherapy in Ashburton
Website: www.susanjordan.net

Counsellor for Counselling and Psychotherapy in Leeds, West Yorkshire - Andy Williams
Website: www.new-foundations.co.uk

Counsellor in Hampstead Garden Suburb | Counselling & Psychotherapy Golders Green & West Hampstead
Website: www.awcounselling.co.uk