June 20, 2013

Feel Good Friday with Samaritans

WebHealer supported Feel Good Friday with Samaritans in 2012 and 2013, raising over £3,000 for Samaritans.

The theme was all about feeling good and Samaritans encouraged everyone to brighten their day a little, to have some fun and to help raise funds to allow them to continue their vital life-saving service.

Why Feel Good Friday?

Every year, Samaritans’ 18,750 volunteers support 5 million calls from people across the UK who are struggling to cope. They are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide hope and comfort. By supporting Feel Good Friday, you help Samaritans continue to provide their life-saving service for the millions of cries for help they receive each year.

For Therapists

WebHealer encouraged all our therapists to participate in this special event. Not only to help Samaritans with their very important work, but also as a way to raise their own profiles in the local community. We gave our therapists this offer…

  • Raise awareness of your therapy practice in your community
  • An opportunity to demonstrate your principles and integrity as a therapist

When we supported Feel Good Friday 2012 over 100 therapists took part and in 2013 the number was well over 150 with a total amount raised by clients and WebHealer of £2,962. We also had some great feedback from therapists about how successful it had been and how pleased they were to take part and support Samaritans.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will be paid to Samaritans?
WebHealer encouraged everyone listed on the map to donate £3 from every treatment on February 3rd to Samaritans but actual amounts varied a great deal. Please see their websites for details.

How do I find out more about Feel Good Friday?
Samaritans have now closed their own mini-site for Feel Good Friday. You can read more at webhealer.tumblr.com.

If I’m busy on Feel Goood Friday itself, am I unable to support this event?
Some therapists chose to support Feel Good Friday throughout the week of the event. Others substituted alternative dates.