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After launching over 5,000 therapy websites, we've learned a thing or two about what makes a website succeed. Some of this is from our own analysis but often we learn from our therapists directly.

In this section we publish ideas and tips, generously written and contributed by our own customers for the purpose of sharing with colleagues and any other therapist. We started this section as we felt that you may find it more helpful to read the words of a real practitioner than the "expert" advice of a web company which has never been at the sharp end of running a therapy practice. We hope that this section will prove popular and we aim to grow it into a valuable resource for our own customers and anyone else who comes here.

Quantum Being

January 2017Contributed by Amanda Weller of Quantum Being.

There are various things I really like about my WebHealer website. Being able to tweak things on a whim is brilliant. I have to say I tend to make changes when I feel inspired, rather than reflecting annual events, for example. Getting a Gold redesign was great for me as it really reflects me and my business and my other marketing, creating continuity no matter how people find me initially. I love the sidebar - I often change what appears on there according to what's happening or what I want to draw people's attention to - and the fact that it appears on all pages is great. One of the main features I use on my website is actually one you can't see when you view as a visitor - the hidden pages. I send a link to one page (which has my intake form on it) to every single new client for them to fill in. Easy, no paper - brilliant. And I have another page set up as a "thank you" page which is automatically activated when someone sends the form back to me. Clients often tell me that they like my website. For example, I am currently working with a client who travels about 3 hours using various modes of public transport to get to me, although there are other practitioners nearer to her, because she liked the website and consequently felt that I was the right practitioner for her. Other great tools are the Visitor Analysis and SearchMax - they enable me to see what results social media posts have had, for example, without having to resort to Google Analytics, and check how my page freshness is doing, together with key word placements - all of which is great when I rejig things. I really feel happy referring potential clients to it as it's an effective resource which enables them to find answers to questions they may have before making the decision to work with me. I also use it with existing clients when I want to refer them to certain resources or remind them how to do a DIY technique, etc. I have to say, I love my website in it's current incarnation (and it has been through many over the years!).

Client: Amanda Weller
Website: www.quantumbeing.co.uk