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Blog. PHD Forms Blog Image

PHD Forms relaunched

March 23rd, 2017We've just relaunched our PHD Forms service with a whole raft of improvements to make it much more useful for clients as well as easier to administer. PHD Forms is an add on you can use to build forms on your WebHealer website for a range of purposes:

  • Patient or client information forms
  • Membership application forms
  • Booking forms - for event attendance
  • Online questionnaires
  • Signing up for a course

The relaunch comes with improved spam filtering and security as well as flexibility in managing auto-responder messages or "out of office" notices. For a full list of the improvements see our PHD Forms EZ Guide

Blog. Laptop in Situ Tina Rad's website

New Silver Design - 'Super Hero' with 20% Discount

January 20th, 2017The WebHealer Silver Design service has proven by far the most popular option for clients looking to upgrade their Bronze design to something more personal and unique. With a price point well below our bespoke Gold design service, it still provides our customers with a personalised design created by a trained designer. See our silver design options presentation for more information about how we achieve this. Our aim is to build on this success and keep raising the quality level of our Silver Designs by "trickling down" the exciting innovations and developments emerging from the work of our Gold designers. The first beneficiary of our trickle down work is a new design format we call 'Super Hero', an example of which is shown above. See www.tinarad.co.uk for the live example. We're very pleased with this new design which incorporates enhanced responsiveness for mobile devices and a cleaner more modern and stylish look in general.To celebrate, the new Super Hero design is currently available with a 20% discount until February 28th 2017. If you would like to learn more and order this new design at the discounted rate just visit our Silver Design Service presentation, then click the Super Hero option where you'll find an order button.

Blog. Christmas Gift Voiuchers

Tip for our clients - Christmas Gift Vouchers

October 31st, 2016With Christmas around the corner many of our clients offering mind-body therapies such as reflexology or aromatherapy receive enquiries from people looking to give a treatment as a gift to friends and loved ones. If you'd like to sell some treatment gift vouchers, don't leave people wondering whether its an option or not. Make it absolutely clear, in fact why not make a feature of it for the next 6 weeks.To help present your gift voucher offering you may find our collection of therapist graphics handy. They are automatically available for clients to display on their website pages and they come in a range of seasonal colours and with subtle animation. Just edit any of your pages and go to the image selection drop-down where you'll find our therapist graphics collection below your personal images. The full range of graphics includes:

  • Special offers
  • Free initial consultation
  • Gift vouchers
  • Limited time discounts... and more

To maximise the effectiveness of your promotion, feature it in the sidebar of your website design so it shows on every page and make the voucher graphic click through to a dedicated page on your website which explains exactly what you offer. Perhaps show a picture of an example gift voucher and make it look good too! An attractively packaged gift voucher for one of your treatments will solve the "what to give" problem for a lot of people.

Blog. 5,000th Customer

5,000th Customer

July 21st, 2016We're delighted to announce that we have just made our 5,000th WebHealer client live. As well as saying "thank you" to client number 5,000, Chris Mounsher of newaspectcounselling.com, we'd also like to say an even bigger "thank you" to all WebHealer clients who have used our service over the years - most of whom are still with us to this day!As this is such a major event for WebHealer we wanted to celebrate by giving away some free custom design work to our clients. All you need to do for a chance to win a free Silver Design is visit our WebHealer Twitter page @webhealer_net where you can retweet our 5,000 customer announcement and follow us if you don't already. As a few people are on holiday at the moment, we'll wait until the end of the month then pick 3 clients from those who Retweet/Follow and email the lucky three with details of how to get your free Silver Design. In the meantime why not visit our Silver Design Overview to see what you fancy!

Blog. SearchMax Fresh Analysis

WebHealer Research : Keep it fresh!

March 7th, 2016The screenshot above is from our SearchMax control panel which comes with all WebHealer websites. One item of advice we're always encouraging clients to follow is to make regular updates to their website to keep the content "fresh" - something Google values. It makes sense of course. There are billions of pages of old and invalid content throughout the web, so recently updated pages are more likely to contain useful information. We help by tracking when updates are made so clients know if an update is overdue. The other thing we do is recommend how often to make updates. Is a daily update worth it for example? We think not. How about bi-monthly? It makes a big difference to how much effort you'd spend on your website.

How often?
Is a daily update worth it?
How about bi-monthly?
Our advice isn't just guesswork. We carry out periodic analysis across thousands of websites cross-referencing the impact of making updates with Google position. This powerful information helps us provide guidelines to clients and is built into our search engine tools. Here's a result of analysis carried out on 6th March 2016.
Client GroupUpdate PatternGoogle Position
ANo updates in 3 monthsThis is the reference group
BUpdated 1 month out of 32 places higher than group A
CUpdated 2 months out of 34 places higher than group A
DUpdated every month5 places higher than Group A
Based on this we're currently recommending making an update (of substance and quality) at least once every month or 2 months out of 3. Moving your website up 4 or 5 places on Google can make a huge difference, especially if it gets you onto that important page one. Also this is just one of our key recommendations for top placement on Google. You can read about others in our eBook available here.

Blog. Blog Image Analytics

WebHealer Research : The power of good content

December 2nd, 2015Is it important that your website reads well and engages the attention of your clients? You're probably thinking "of course, don't be ridiculous", but do you realise just how important? Recent research by WebHealer set out to quantify just how much difference it does make and demonstrated how the importance of good content can even outweigh the value of top search engine placement. We analysed 2,000 therapy websites and ranked them in terms of how well they were performing. There was a wide variation as you can imagine, so we grouped them into fifths or groups of 20%. The top 20%, the next 20% and so on, down to the bottom 20%. We then compared how many visits the top 20% received compared to the bottom 20% and found they received 4 times as many, which is an indication of how much more attention these websites were receiving, either through Google search, social media or advertising. The bottom line of course is whether a website bring clients and fortunately we also had anonymous data on how many enquiries had been submitted to the websites and were able to rank and similarly analyse this data. This time the difference between the top 20% and bottom 20% was much higher, over ten times, 10.1 in fact. This shows the power of good content, as we've shown that search engine visibility (and other web exposure) only managed to produce a difference of 4 times, so the extra success was down to how well visitors responded to the content of the website. Content itself then breaks down into factors such as first impressions and invitations to take action, all of which are explained in more detail in our eBook available here.

Blog. Silver

100 Silver Designs

October 12th, 2015We're always working on new ways to offer the highest quality design for the lowest cost and our Silver Design Service is a prime example of this. Launched just a few months ago the silver design service offers a half way house between our bronze design service which allows DIY customisation with support from our customer service team and our gold design service in which a highly experienced designer will discuss your requirements and create a bespoke tailored design. The cost is actually very much less than half way, typically just £25, though the quality of the finished design can come very close to a bespoke design depending on how particular your requirements are. This explains why the service is so popular and why after just a few short months we now have 100 clients live with a silver design. See our Design Page for more details.

Blog. Google Blog

How valuable is our search engine work?

May 15th, 2015Attracting visitors to our customer's websites is a valuable part of the WebHealer service, but just how valuable is it? We thought we'd carry out some analysis to find out. Visitors come from many sources of course including search engines, directories and friend's recommendations, so we decided to focus just on the visitors that come from our search engine work promoting clients on Google. This allows us to put a value on our work by calculating what Google would have charged if the visits came from their paid advertising.The first step was to see how many visits our customers get from Google in a month. We excluded brand new websites as well as websites where the customer had not followed at least some of our advice about Google friendly content. We then measured the visits received by each client over a calendar month and came up with a wide range but with an overall average of 52 visits each. Then we used Google's AdWords system to see what it would have cost us to purchase 52 visits from Google over that period. We used the going rate charged by Google this month. The pricing does vary, as Google uses a bidding system which results in more competitive search phrases costing more than others, but in all cases it was significantly more than the entire monthly WebHealer service charge - by quite a margin.

Searching for therapyIn AreaCost per visit from
Google AdWords
Monthly Cost
for 52 visits
CounsellingNorth London£1.25£65.00
Of course the other way to value our search engine work is to see how many new clients it brings a therapist in a month. This is something we have always been conscious of and our service is priced so that it is nearly always the case that just one new session per month covers all our costs.

Blog. Blog Sub Menus

Submenus & Silver Design Service

October 21st, 2014As we anticipated, the Social colourMAX design launched earlier in the year has proven to be a powerful platform for new features and functionality. Today we released an upgrade to our Administration tools allowing clients to make dynamic (i.e. pop-up) submenus with incredible ease.The submenus work great on the standard layout of Social colourMAX and look even better on a customised design, such www.theplanetree.co.uk. In fact we've also been working to make it easier and cheaper to upgrade to a customised design as explained in our tour of silver design options.

Blog. Blog Social

Social colourMAX

March 19th, 2014Our new Social colourMAX design is a huge step forward for WebHealer clients. Visually it is fresh and modern and technically it packs plenty of advanced functionality, such as:

  • advanced responsive coding so it displays generously wide on a laptop, yet compact and easy reading on a smartphone.
  • rich social media integration, including a live Twitter feed
  • a dual column layout - great for "what's new" type information encouraging fresh content and boosting your Google listing position

Here are a few clients who have been trying it out over the last few weeks: www.quantumbeing.co.uk

Blog. Blog Phone

Mobile Optimised Designs

October 1st, 2013We're delighted to announce our new Mobile Optimised series of designs, the first of which, Mobile colourMAX, is now available. Using the latest web technologies, it no longer matters whether a website visitor is using a wide screen desktop or a small screen smartphone - the website is easy to view and navigate (without zooming) and font styling remains consistent.

  • Responsive design, automatically resizing text for easy readability on small screen devices
  • Auto-switching between traditional menus and mobile friendly pull-down menus
  • Google Fonts to ensure the display of consistent font styles whatever the device in use

Click the image above to to see an example, and we hope you'll agree that not only are the designs functional, but also beautiful, and being colourMAX designs, they are also high customisable.

Blog. Searchmax Laptop

Let's get Google really loving your website!

June 11th, 2013Running websites for thousands of therapists, WebHealer have unique insight into what factors make a difference on Google with therapy websites, and after an extensive period of research we've started rolling out a major upgrade to SearchMax, our proprietary solution for search engine promotion. WebHealer clients who visit their SearchMax page in the Administration Area will see big changes. These changes are all about making sure your website is as Google friendly as possible, and though we're busy behind the scenes too, there are 3 key areas that clients need to pay attention to when updating their websites.

  1. Keyword placement - include carefully selected wording in your contents so Google knows how relevant your website is. Our new phrase meter will help you get this right;
  2. Word Count - Google loves rich (wordy) content, and our new wordcount meter will help you keep up;
  3. Freshness - Google will lose interest if you let your website contents go stale. Our freshness meter is what you need.

In addition to these new tools for our clients, there's a whole host of Google optimisation tweaks to how the web pages are generated (as well as important "off-page" improvements).Finally, clients will notice a much more attractive slate grey design for the Administration Area. All our Administration Area pages will be getting the slate grey makeover in the coming months, and next on the list is our visitor activity page, which will also receive a major functionality upgrade. This will include advanced charts to compare trends of website hits over time, and breakdowns of individual page activity.
For more WebHealer announcements, see our Press Releases page