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Counselling for Bereavement

Counsellors and therapists offering help to those suffering in response to bereavement are listed below, although in many cases the therapist will have wider experience and be able to help with other issues. Individual websites may indicate specific experience in handling problems caused by the death of a loved one, family member, friend or pet. In addition, many therapists on our other listings pages will have the broad range of experience and the qualifications to help, and you may find someone more local if you visit our psychotherapy, counselling supervisors or general counselling pages.

As topics of discussion tend to be of a sensitive nature, patient confidentiality is essential, and therapists are expected, and may be legally bound, to respect patient privacy. BACP Registered counsellors and therapists and UKCP Registered therapists will be bound by the Code of Ethics and Practice demanded by these professional bodies. 

For more information about grief and bereavement, Wikipedia's article of grief may be helpful. As this explains, although grief is conventionally focused on the emotional response to loss, it also has physical, cognitive, behavioural, social, and philosophical dimensions. It can therefore help to seek assistance to work through this process fully. A second article covers grief counselling specifically. We a further listing of bereavement counsellors here.

Psychotherapist in London Bridge & Finsbury Park | Psychotherapy & Counselling for north London
Website: www.danieldacre.net

Counsellor in Harrogate near York | Counselling and Creative Therapy near Leeds
Website: www.judyfieldcounselling.com

Counsellor in Hackney and Borough | Psychotherapy and Counselling near London Bridge
Website: www.kerryculletoncounselling.co.uk

Counsellor in Mill Hill near Edgware | Psychotherapy and Counselling near Barnet
Website: www.counsellinginmillhill.co.uk

Psychotherapy and Counselling by Counsellor in Poole, Bournemouth - Sandra Gauld Psychotherapy
Website: www.sgpsychotherapy.com

Battersea and Clapham | Psychotherapy and Art Therapy in South West London
Website: www.creative-psychotherapy.com

Affordable low cost Psychotherapy in central London & Cambridgeshire | Low income therapy in East Sussex
Website: www.siteclinic.org

Penzance and St Ives | Counselling Psychotherapist in West Cornwall
Website: www.penwithpsychotherapy.com

Counsellor & Psychotherapist for Epsom & Sutton | Counselling in French near Wimbledon
Website: www.marcdcounselling.com

Purley | Psychotherapeutic Therapy & Counsellor for Croydon & Caterham
Website: www.aleksamoevcounselling.com

Counsellor in Guildford & Bookham | Counselling & Psychotherapy near Leatherhead
Website: www.clareduckercounselling.com

Esher | Psychotherapy & Counsellor near Kingston & Weybridge
Website: www.julianormingtontherapy.com

West Norwood & East Dulwich | Counsellor for south east London
Website: www.letisheamcleancounselling.co.uk

Counsellor for Newcastle & Gateshead | Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist on Tyneside
Website: www.mindovermatternewcastle.co.uk

Angel Islington Central London | Counselling & Psychotherapist for Clerkenwell
Website: www.simonhealepsychotherapy.com

Counsellor Newbury & Marlborough | Counselling therapist near Swindon
Website: www.lauraryallcounselling.co.uk

Waterloo and Soho | Counsellor offering Psychotherapy in Central London
Website: www.emilybarney.co.uk

Battersea & Clapham | Counsellor & Psychodynamic Therapist in south west London
Website: www.betweenthecommonscounselling.com

Central Bath | Low Cost Counselling Psychotherapist
Website: www.aquaesulistherapy.co.uk

Counselling & Psychotherapy in Westbury & central Bath | Psychotherapist near Warminster
Website: www.tonirhoden.com

High Barnet | Counsellor & Therapist near Borehamwood
Website: www.jessicagoodmancounselling.co.uk

Counselling and Bereavement Therapy in Petworth | Counsellor near Haslemere and Chichester
Website: www.gillskeet.com

West Wickham & Bromley | Counsellor & Therapist near Croydon
Website: www.hollypatricktherapy.co.uk

Counsellor near London Bridge and Southwark | Counselling and Psychotherapy in the City of London
Website: www.hko-therapy.com

Counselling and Psychotherapy near Haslemere | Counsellor near Petersfield and Farnham
Website: www.lindseycounselling.com

Counselling and Psychotherapy in Finchley | Relationship Counsellor near Golders Green and Mill Hill
Website: www.sharonkaplanskycounselling.com

Skype Counselling in Littlehampton | Counsellor & Law of Attraction Psychotherapist
Website: www.goodvibrationz.co.uk

Counsellor in Brockley | Counselling near Forest Hill and Crystal Palace
Website: www.jolanecounselling.com

Counselling & Psychotherapy in Reigate | Counsellor for Redhill & Dorking
Website: www.walledgardencounselling.com

Counsellor in Taunton, Somerset | Counselling and Homeopathy in Wellington
Website: www.ruthhermolle.co.uk

Counsellor in Beeston & Calverton | Counselling & Psychotherapy for Nottingham
Website: www.mamancounselling.com

Psychotherapist in Finchley & Mill Hill | Psychotherapy & Counselling near Holborn
Website: www.lainacheek.co.uk

Woodley & Reading | Counsellor & Therapist near Wokingham
Website: www.allseasonscounselling.co.uk

Counsellor for Twickenham & Hounslow | Counselling Therapist near Richmond
Website: www.monicacounselling.com

Psychotherapy & Counselling in Hanwell | Psychotherapist for Ealing & Acton
Website: www.markgullidgepsychotherapy.com

Counsellor in Dulwich South East London | Psychotherapy & Counselling for Forest Hill
Website: www.abialmondcounselling.com

Counsellor & Psychotherapist in Hampstead North London | Counselling near Finchley Road
Website: www.counsellorinlondon.net

Counsellor in Lewisham South East London | Therapist & Counselling near London Bridge
Website: www.hollytaylorcounselling.com

Pimlico Central London | Psychotherapist & Counselling for Victoria
Website: www.jdctherapy.com

Retford & Worksop | Psychotherapy & Counsellor near Doncaster
Website: www.sentientlife.net

Counsellor near Gillingham and Chatham | Counselling and Therapy in Kent
Website: www.coming-together.co.uk

Market Weighton | Counsellor & Therapist for Beverley & Hull
Website: www.yorkshirecounselling.org

Counsellor near Blackheath and Greenwich | Counselling and Psychotherapy near Chislehurst
Website: www.elizabethwhytetherapy.co.uk

Counsellor in Ashford in Kent | Humanistic Counselling near Canterbury
Website: www.leighmcounsellor.com

Counsellor in Chiswick West London | Counselling in Greek near Hammersmith
Website: www.eleni-counselling.com

Counselling and Psychotherapy near Saffron Walden | Counsellor near Braintree and Bishops Stortford
Website: www.natalieselbycounselling.com

Counsellor near Crystal Palace and Croydon | Counselling and Psychotherapy in Upper Norwood
Website: www.sueutleycounselling.com

Godalming and Guildford | Counsellor and Humanistic Therapist in Surrey
Website: www.hannahregancounselling.co.uk

Counsellor for Harefield and Uxbridge | Counselling Psychotherapist in Harefield
Website: www.nataliaclarkepsychotherapy.co.uk

Counselling & Psychotherapy in Temple Cowley Oxford | Counsellor in Oxfordshire
Website: www.paulamaddisoncounselling.co.uk

Counsellor for Farnham and Aldershot | Counselling for young people and Psychotherapy near Farnborough
Website: www.nataliecounselling.co.uk

Psychotherapy and Counselling in West London | Counsellor in Shepherds Bush near Holland Park
Website: www.person-centredcounselling.co.uk

Counsellor in Hove | Counselling in Brighton
Website: www.susanegan.co.uk

English Language Counsellor in Hannover | Counselling & Psychotherapy for Hannover-Kleefeld & Braunschweig
Website: www.hannoverpsychotherapy.com

Counsellor for Fleet and Farnborough | Counselling and Psychotherapy near Camberley
Website: www.msccounselling.com

Psychotherapist in Waterloo & Dalston | Counselling & Psychotherapy in Central London
Website: www.dorindatalbot.com

Eastleigh & Southampton | Bereavement Counsellor Hampshire
Website: www.azaleacounselling.net

Counsellor in Purley and Fleet Street | Counselling and Psychotherapy in Bethnal Green
Website: www.amandastrangtherapy.co.uk

Counselling and Psychotherapy in Leamington Spa | Counsellor near Stratford and Warwick
Website: www.diannecockburncounselling.co.uk

Counsellor in Central Leeds and Harrogate | Counselling and Psychotherapy in Leeds
Website: www.lornahalvorsencounselling.co.uk

Psychotherapist for Bedford and Milton Keynes | Counselling and Psychotherapy near Luton
Website: www.wmcounselling.co.uk

Therapeutic Counselling near Wandsworth and Wimbledon | Counsellor in South West London
Website: www.southfieldstherapy.co.uk

Psychotherapy & Counselling in Fleet Street, London EC4 | Psychotherapist near St Paul's
Website: www.mjamiesonpsychotherapy.co.uk

Psychotherapy and Counselling in Ealing | Counsellor near Acton, west London
Website: www.westlondonpsychotherapy.org

Naas Co. Kildare | Counsellor and Psychotherapy near Newbridge
Website: www.katherineliston.com

Counselling by FaceTime or Skype | British online Psychotherapist & Counsellor
Website: www.jonathandysontherapy.com

Gospel Oak and Hampstead | Psychotherapy and counsellor near Camden
Website: www.sorchacounselling.co.uk

Crouch End North London | Counselling Psychotherapist for Highgate
Website: www.dianagoodrichpsychotherapy.co.uk

Hanwell West London | Counselling and Psychotherapist near Ealing
Website: www.jeanpearsonpsychotherapy.com

Counsellor for the New Forest and Lymington | Psychotherapy and counselling for Hampshire
Website: www.compasscounselling.co.uk

Counsellor for Reading and Twyford | Counselling and psychotherapy near Wokingham
Website: www.suejenningscounselling.co.uk

Counsellor near Nottingham & Mapperley | Counselling and Psychotherapy in Woodthorpe
Website: www.psychotherapy-nottingham.co.uk

Kings Cross and Liverpool Street | Counsellor for Bank
Website: www.londongestaltcounselling.com

Fareham near Gosport | Counsellor & Transgender Counselling near Portsmouth
Website: www.outofthebluecounselling.co.uk

Narborough near Leicester | Bereavement Counsellor in Leicestershire
Website: www.solacecounsellingservices.co.uk

Counsellor for Portsmouth and Fareham | Counselling therapist near Havant
Website: www.lisabuckinghamcounselling.co.uk

York | Counsellor and Psychotherapy for Fulford
Website: www.debbiedawsoncounselling.co.uk

Counsellor for Islington and Waterloo | Counselling for depression in central London
Website: www.roslynbyfieldcounselling.co.uk

Counsellor in Eastbourne | Counselling therapy in Holborn & Liverpool Street, London
Website: www.joannaheadcounselling.com

Counsellor in Central Leicester | Counselling therapist for Leicester City Centre
Website: www.ellensharrockscounselling.co.uk

Counselling & Therapy in Exeter EX4 | Counsellor in Devon, near Pennsylvania and the Streatham Campus
Website: www.aharpercounselling.co.uk

Counsellor in Bristol | Psychotherapy & Counselling in South Bristol
Website: www.mariabelliscounselling.co.uk

Counsellor based in central Bristol I Telephone Counselling for Bristol
Website: www.susangullycounselling.co.uk

Paddington I Psychotherapy for West London I Counsellor for Amersham
Website: www.counsellinginamersham.co.uk

Kenilworth | Therapy Counsellor for Coventry and Warwick
Website: www.pippahutchinscounselling.co.uk

Counsellor in Honiton & Exeter - Counselling and relationship counselling for Sidmouth
Website: www.tinawelch.co.uk

Counsellor for Bristol and Bath | Counselling Psychotherapist in Bath
Website: www.elisamorris.co.uk

Muswell Hill and Harrow | Psychotherapy with a Christian Counsellor in North West London
Website: www.zioncounselling.com

Nottingham | Psychotherapy & Stress Management in Nottingham
Website: www.compassionatecounselling.co.uk

Counselling and Psychotherapy by Counsellor in Epsom, near Leatherhead, Surrey - Jo Atkins
Website: www.JoAtkinsCounselling.co.uk

Counselling, Cancer Counselling by Counsellor in Muswell Hill, North London - Jenny Poirier
Website: www.jennypoiriercounselling.co.uk

Westerham & London Bridge | Therapist and Counsellor for the city of London
Website: www.MartinKellyCounselling.co.uk

Maidstone, near Tonbridge and Sevenoaks, Kent - Steve Sharkey
Website: www.maidstonecounselling.co.uk

Bereavement Counselling, Night Shelter and Homeless Advice in Islington - CARIS: Islington Churches
Website: www.carisislington.org

Counselling & psychotherapy in Holborn, City of London | Psychotherapist in central London
Website: www.richmondcounselling.co.uk

Counselling and Bereavement Counselling by Counsellor in Winchester - Nicky Worrall
Website: www.nickyworrallcounselling.co.uk