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We offer a range of options for an email address to accompany your website. We recommend choosing the simplest option that meets your needs. This guide will help you choose.


This guide describes the options for running an email address to accompany your website address, in other words an email address based on your website's domain name - the domain name is the part of the website address after www.

You don't strictly need one (you could have enquiries go to a GMail, Yahoo or TalkTalk address for example), but it does look more professional and reassuring if, say, your website is and you have an email address like or If you are interested in this type of email please read on.

Depending on your requirements WebHealer offer three alternative solutions, varying in complexity and features. This guide offers an overview of all three options with additional guides providing further detail where needed. The options are:

  1. Email Forwarding Service (Most popular)
  2. Certified Sender Email (Uses Google Mail)
  3. Advanced Email Service (Uses Simply Mail Solutions)

If you'd like to add one of these options to your service, after considering what is best for you, please contact the WebHealer support team and request an upgrade form. Options 1 and 2 are priced the same at £1.50+vat/month. There is no charge from WebHealer for option 3, as that is operated by a separate supplier and the cost depends on which of their options you choose.

Email Forwarding Service

Most clients start with this option. It is the simplest to set up requiring no work at all on your part, yet still provides you with a professional looking business email address to go with your website. It works by forwarding your business emails to an existing personal email address, in the same way that post can be redirected from one house address to another.

Take an example where your personal email is, your website address is and you would like the email address WebHealer would set up our mail systems so that emails sent to are forwarded on to It is very simple and if you are just getting started it can be a quick and simple option.


  1. No need to access two email services to get both emails
  2. No set up required on your part
  3. If you move from Talk Talk to another ISP, just tell us and we'll change the forwarding and there's nothing more you need to do. You won't lose contact with all the people who only know your Talk Talk address


  1. The emails are mixed in with your existing emails - however most mail systems allow you to set up rules to place your business emails into a separate folder
  2. When you reply your emails will not be labelled as from but from For many people this will be of no great concern, but if your personal email is, that's fine for friends but not very reassuring for clients to see. Our Gmail solution may be better in this case.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does forwarding introduce a delay? Any mail server can get busy and give "try again later" responses to inbound mail, but it is very rare for our mail systems to do this, so in practice there is no delay.
  2. Is there a risk of emails not being delivered? Again it is important to understand that assured delivery of email is a very problematic area due to the fact that most email circulated these days is spam. As a consequence all mail systems have some degree of spam filtering creating the risk that genuine emails will be blocked. We have set the spam filtering on our mail system to be very low indeed to avoid the risk of our systems incorrectly stopping spam, but your own mail system (Talk Talk in this example) may block emails inappropriately.

Certified Sender Email (Uses Google Mail)

If you would like to keep business emails separate from personal emails and send as well as receive using your business email address we have developed a solution based on Google's mail system that works very well. We have combined it with an advanced certification technology which protects the emails you send from being accidentally flagged as spam.

It is easy to set up and Google make some great apps so that everything works in a similar way whether you are using a PC, iPhone, iPad and most smartphones.

Google's latest mail solution is called InBox but you can use their older Gmail service via the web or App. For more information see our Certified Sender Email EZ Guide.


  1. Send and receive using your business email address
  2. Advanced certification technology to protect the emails you send from being flagged as spam
  3. Set up all your configurations (out of office messages, signatures and folders) in one place via the GMail web system and when you access your emails on any device they are all automatically available.
  4. Google Mail's spam management is one of the very best available - receive minimal junk, but don't lose important emails


  1. Uses Google's mail system and Google's apps. If you have a very old phone or unusual device Google may not make an app to suit, in which case see our Advanced Email Service option below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Won't my email address end in or No - Although we are using Google Mail as a mail service the email address for sending and receiving is your business email, such as As part of creating an account with Google you will be allocated an email ending, but clients will never see it.

Advanced Email Service (Uses Simply Mail Solutions)

For more technical clients or larger groups who want to configure things in a very particular way we have a third option. Typically this will be more complex to administer and can cost more so it is not recommended for most clients.  This option is also best if transferring a domain to us with an existing POP3/IMAP mailbox in which case the complexity issue is offset by other factors. 

Please note that with this solution all support and management of your email is transferred to a third party Simply Mail Solutions and WebHealer will be unable to help with any questions you may have or investigate any problems. For more information about this option see our guide Advanced Email Service.


  1. Provides a raw IMAP mailbox (supercedes the old POP3)


  1. Typically more expensive
  2. No spam management as standard - add-on extra
  3. WebHealer unable to provide support
  4. Each device needs separate configuration

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why doesn't WebHealer run an IMAP/POP3 mailbox service? Although it may appear simple, email is increasingly complicated, especially with the ongoing "arms escalation" between spammers and legitimate mail service providers. It is often estimated that over 90% of email is spam. WebHealer made a decision that we would not be able to stay up with the constantly changing technologies being used by email service providers and we should hand that over to an expert, so we could focus on websites and delivering the results that clients want from us.
  2. Why did you choose Simply Mail Solutions to provide this service? We have been testing and evaluating the Simply Mail Solutions service for a number of years. Quite a few WebHealer clients have also tried it. We like the fact:
    1. They are UK based
    2. They are responsive by telephone and email
    3. They stay current with developing technologies
    4. They are a stable company who have been in business for 10 years
  3. I already have a POP3/IMAP mailbox, can I use that instead? Unfortunately not. When we move your domain name to our supplier's domain name management service, all configuration (including email settings) for that domain is automatically managed, quality checked and monitored by our own systems. The only options we can offer are those pre-configured in our systems.