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We offer two options for an email address to accompany your website. We recommend choosing the simplest option that meets your needs. This guide will help you choose.


This guide describes the options for running an email address to accompany your website address, in other words an email address based on your website's domain name - the domain name is the part of the website address after www.

You don't strictly need one (you could have enquiries go to a GMail, Yahoo or TalkTalk address for example), but it does look more professional and reassuring if, say, your website is and you have an email address like or If you are interested in this type of email please read on.

Depending on your requirements WebHealer offer two alternative solutions, varying in complexity and features. This guide offers an overview of both options with additional guides providing further detail where needed. The options are:

  1. Email Forwarding Service
  2. WebHealer MailBox

If you'd like to add one of these options to your service, after considering what is best for you, please contact the WebHealer support team and request an upgrade form. Options 1 is priced at £1.50+vat/month while option 2 is priced at £3 + VAT / month.

Email Forwarding Service

Many clients start with this option. It is a simplified approach to email requiring no work on your part, yet still provides you with a professional looking business email address to go with your website. It works by forwarding your business emails to an existing personal email address, in the same way that post can be redirected from one house address to another.

Take an example where your personal email is, your website address is and you would like the email address WebHealer would set up our mail systems so that emails sent to are forwarded on to It is very simple and if you are just getting started it can be a quick and simple option.


  1. No need to access two email services to get both emails
  2. No set up required on your part
  3. If you move from Talk Talk to another ISP, just tell us and we'll change the forwarding and there's nothing more you need to do. You won't lose contact with all the people who only know your Talk Talk address


  1. The emails are mixed in with your existing emails
  2. When you reply your emails will not be labelled as from but from For many people this will be of no great concern, but if your personal email is, that's fine for friends but not very reassuring for clients to see. Our WebHealer Mailbox solution may be better in this case - see below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does forwarding introduce a delay? Any mail server can get busy and give "try again later" responses to inbound mail, but it is very rare for our mail systems to do this, so in practice there is no delay.
  2. Is there a risk of emails not being delivered? Again it is important to understand that assured delivery of email is a very problematic area due to the fact that most email circulated these days is spam. As a consequence all mail systems have some degree of spam filtering creating the risk that genuine emails will be blocked. We have set the spam filtering on our mail system to be very low indeed to avoid the risk of our systems incorrectly stopping spam, but your own mail system (Talk Talk in this example) may block emails inappropriately.

WebHealer Mailbox

The WebHealer Mailbox is our in house email solution for customers who want to send and receive email @ their domain name. It is the recommended solution for clients who want a full service email solution.

Full setup and technical assistance is provided through our support team for this service. All email is stored in the UK and configured to use the highest levels of encryption and security. A WebHealer Mailbox is an industry standard IMAP mailbox which allows emails to be accessed and composed from any mail client, whether web based or on a mobile device. We include 1GB of storage and you can choose from either

  • Basic Mailbox = 2 email prefixes (£3+vat/mth)
  • Premium Mailbox = Up to 10 email prefixes (£5+vat/mth)

If you are moving a website to WebHealer from another provider and already have an email with it please remember to back up your emails locally before you move to us so that you don't lose them when your old website provider closes your old mailbox. If you need help with this, please ask us.


  • Fully supported by the WebHealer support team who know your account and your business requirements
  • Provides IMAP functionality. The ability to synchronize emails (read/unread/sent/new) across multiple devices
  • Provided the ability to read email via Webmail, your phone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer.
  • Includes basic level anti-spam and anti-virus (We always recommend customers maintain an anti virus solution on their own computers)


Is it easy to configure?
Our customer service team can have you up and running in less than 15 minutes. We will schedule a call with you and configure your devices over the phone

Do you provide DIY setup guides?
Yes, we have step by step guides for configuring most popular email clients including iPhones, Android phones, Mac Mail, Outlook etc

What if I have any technical queries?
Get in touch – we have the technical knowledge to sort your issues and present a resolution in a non-technical, customer focussed manner.

What happens to my old emails? Will they be moved to the new WebHealer Mailbox?
We have two options available here. If your old mailbox has only a few emails in it, we'd suggest forwarding them to another email address for safe keeping as they won't automatically move to the new mailbox. If you have lots of emails or a very active mailbox we would strongly recommend you take our MailBox Migration option. We make a one-off charge of £25+vat for this but it gives you the peace of mind that we will move all your emails across from the old mailbox to the new one and ensure that as the transfer of systems takes place any new emails arriving midway through the transfer are not lost. If you don't wish to take this option then you can do this work yourself, but you will need to have the technical skills to perform offline email backup and upload.