September 15, 2021

Therapist Booking System Update


Over the past number of weeks we have been busy working to improve our new therapist booking system. As a reminder, we will keep working to develop and improve this with your feedback so this tool becomes a real asset to your therapy practice. Please let us know if you want to see any feature and we would be happy to consider this for our feature roadmap.

Here is the new functionality just released:

– Hidden Services: You can now set a service to hidden. This means that it will not be available via your public booking engine to clients to book but rather only from your administration area. This might be a reduced rate service you offer or a phone consultation service you offer but want to control the booking of.

– Improved scheduling: We’ve added some behind the scenes scheduling improvements to make sure appointments are booked on your terms (buffer times respected etc)

– Link Direct to a service: Now you can link directly from your website to a specific service. Simply copy the service URL from your administration area when editing the service and link to it directly from your website/social media account.

– Set future booking limit: As part of your configuration – you can now set a limit into the future of when bookings can be taken. By default this is set to 60. But you can change this to 30/90/120 etc so that you don’t take bookings on too far into the future. Please note, the number of days entered here relates to days where you work so 60 days (default) excludes weekends if you don’t work on weekends.

We will continue to work on our new booking system and will shortly release our new “Payment Links” function as well as our “Events Manager” service. Both services will be included without charge for existing clients on our latest design platform.