August 18, 2021

Therapist Booking System Update


As part of our ongoing improvements to our service, we have this week pushed a large update to our new booking system for therapists

The majority of the updates have occurred in the background and deal with the speed of the system which is now much more responsive.

We have also added & improved functionality around block booking time out for yourself (Annual leave for example).

We are currently working on these new booking system functions:

  • Creating hidden services / appointment types which only you can see from the back end
  • Better integration with Stripe (refunds / Balance checking)
  • Invoicing pre/post appointment time for clients who require invoices
  • Enhanced 2way Calendar syncing
  • Events Manager (For anyone running a seminar, retreat, talk or an event with multiple participants)
  • Direct links to appointment types for your website (Link a client directly to the service you’ve mentione)
  • SMS/E-mail reminders and customization of these
  • A refreshed user interface
  • Paypal payment for your customers
  • Q1 2022: A mobile app to manage appointments on the go

While there are many existing booking systems available, WebHealer’s aim is to create a bespoke booking system which caters for therapists only while providing maximum functionality, easy setup, full support and maximum return on your investment with WebHealer. Our booking system is included free for all customers who have a website with WebHealer but we will release this system at the start of 2022 as a standalone product too.

Please contact us if there is specific functionality you would like to see and we would be happy to put this on our development roadmap.