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SearchMax is WebHealer's proprietary solution for ensuring our clients achieve top placement on the world's most important search engines, with Google being of course the most important.

Launching a website is like opening a shop at the end of the world's longest high street. You hope for lots of passing trade, but nobody knows you are there. How on earth do you move your premises up to where all the customers are window shopping?Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the answer. Large companies dedicate entire departments to it and spend thousands of pounds every month, viewing SEO on a similar level to marketing and advertising. We have a solution, we call SearchMax, which is scaled and tuned to the needs of therapists and comes standard with our service. SearchMax can't get you to the top of Google for a search like "cheap flight to new york" (which is outside our focus, and also extremely competitive) but it can for searches like "counselling hammersmith" or "reflexology sheffield". In fact a recent analysis we carried out showed just how valuable SearchMax is to our clients.

SearchMax . searchmax clover blue green

SEO is not a one-off exercise, but a constant process which can be likened to brand building in the traditional business world. Reputation is key and reputation must be constantly enhanced or it will erode, which is why we are continuously working on improvements to SearchMax, such as the major Google Panda Update.We have been developing and improving SearchMax for 10 years. It has four modules: Submission & Monitoring, On Page Optimisation, Off Page Optimisation and Research & Development. These are explained below.

SearchMax . 5x More Clients 85% on Page 1

What you really want to know of course is "does it work?" and our ongoing monitoring can answer that exactly. Our latest analysis (February 2019) shows that 85% of WebHealer customers who follow a few basic tips have a valuable page one placement on Google. The basic tips are simple things like ensuring you write at least a few sentences on your home page rather than pictures alone. Google is very concerned about promoting quality content these days. You'll find we avoid techno babble and talk instead about how "Google Friendly" your content is. We even provide a control panel to help you keep your content Google Friendly. All the rest of SearchMax is behind the scenes work that we do for you as we find that most of our customers are not interested in "meta tags" and similar under-the-bonnet stuff. By keeping things simple we are able to help customers who might otherwise be overwhelmed by the technical aspects of search engine placement and this is how we achieve great results for so many of our clients. See our Blog page for analysis we carried out that shows how we compare to our competitors.

WebHealer undoubtedly has ‘clout’ with the search machines and I would (and have) recommend(ed) WebHealer to colleagues setting up their website from scratch or are unhappy with their current website visibility.

How does SearchMax work?

SearchMax is a solution that includes many components, most of which are behind the scenes. Some elements you will be exposed to such as the consultation process with our SearchMax consultant to agree which search phrases will be most effective for you. Our consultants have tools as well as experience and will guide you on this, but you may have specific areas of focus, such as art therapy for children, that you want to be found for. Top placement also requires that the content you write is Google friendly, so we have made a control panel which you can check periodically to keep an eye on this, as explained further down the page.Overall there are literally hundreds of elements to SearchMax including research & analysis to test the effectiveness of our latest techniques, as well as monitoring to spot trends and patterns. These are the main areas:

Submission & Monitoring

  • Rapid submission approach
  • Periodic monitoring
  • Exception tracking

On Page Optimisation

  • Phrase Analysis & Definition
  • Meta Tag Optimisation
  • HTML Optimisation
  • Content & Freshness Optimisation

Off Page Optimisation

  • PageRank Optimisation
  • Social Media Links
  • Link Popularity
  • Anchor Text Optimisation

Research & Development

  • Search Popularity Analysis
  • Search Competitiveness Analysis
  • Research & Statistical Testing
  • Automated Upgrades

Powerful but simple to apply

Powerful tools that are too complex to use or understand tend not to get used, so throughout the years of developing SearchMax, a key priority has been to keep our approach straightforward for customers. We don't overload our customers with technobabble and advocate "black hat" tricks for cheating a higher Google place. We use plain English and keep the focus on results desired and results achieved.To aid this we have devised a 3 step process.

  1. Phrase Selection: Our trained SearchMax consultants will work with you to decide which are the key phrases to target - those that will reach your potential clients
  2. On Page Optimisation: This is about ensuring Google recognises your website as relevant for these important phrases - this gets you "on the list"
  3. Off Page Optimisation: is a constant process of building your website's online reputation - this is how you climb the list

As much as possible we do this work on your behalf and behind the scenes. The second step does however require customer involvement as the work we do can be undermined if customer content is not "Google friendly". For this reason we created the SearchMax control panel to help.

Your SearchMax control panel

SearchMax . Searchmax Laptop

A key element of the process is ensuring that Google recognises your website as being relevant for a particular search phrase, and as simple as this sounds, it is easy to get tripped up. For example if you are a counsellor in Brighton and Hove, but you only mention Brighton and never Hove, then your website is not relevant for the search phrase "counsellor hove". In fact you really need a few mentions so as not to handicap your listings, so we created a set of SearchMax support tools to help with this and other problem areas.

Research & development

SearchMax . Google Laptop

A critical part of the SearchMax service is ongoing research and development. We spend hundreds of hours every year, checking how our clients are performing, testing and recalibrating our SearchMax tools, as well as monitoring the online announcements and discussions around Google's algorithm updates. For example, we know that Google prefers websites that are updated fairly often to keep them "fresh". But our clients are not professional webmasters, so how often is needed? As we are experts in therapy websites we are able to perform advanced statistical analyses to determine good practice in this area and advise our clients accordingly.Here are a few examples of Google placement which are typical of our clients (checked May 2018).

Search phraseOur client's websitePosition
counsellor chichesterwww.julieholmescounselling.co.uk5
reflexology surreywww.josimmondsreflexology.com4
osteopath islingtonwww.bodymind.org.uk6
reiki south londonwww.balanceandpurpose.co.uk2
counsellor cheltenhamwww.mustcounselling.com3

Thanks for this, however the site works so well that I am full up to the rafters & last week I had to give 3 clients away to other therapists. Received from our client Anita Hobbs in response to an email from our support team suggesting some tweaks to improve search engine performance

Many of our customers come to us for their first website and take the effectiveness of SearchMax for granted, but if you already have a website elsewhere you will know how difficult or expensive it can be to get top placement. In terms of cost we recently carried out some analysis into the typical financial value of our SearchMax system, by comparing the results it delivers for our clients to the alternative of using Google AdWords to get the same visitor activity. The results were a resounding endorsement for SearchMax with the value to some clients of up to £65 per month - see our blog for more details about valuing SearchMax.

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