Getting started

What packages are available?

We are currently offering a DIY package which allows you to make a self-tailored website with our help, and we will soon be offering our new DIFM (Do It For Me) package where we build the entire site for you using a questionnaire that you‘ll fill out to help us understand exactly what you want. You can also make further customisations by upgrading to BeSpoke with one of our professional designers.

How long does it take to get up & running?

We will get you started on your trial site immediately after you contact us, from there you can be online in days if you choose the DIY option or 1-2 weeks if you choose our DIFM (Do it for me) package.

Can I transfer a domain & website to you?

Yes, we suggest that you transfer your domain to our hosting so that you will get the full benefits of our services. You can also bring over any content from your previous website except for the design, as all our designs have the following features built in - easy online self-updating, reporting tools and sophisticated search engine optimisation.

Editing Your Website

Can you edit my site for me?

Yes, you have the option of filling out a simple questionnaire and having us build your entire site for you with our DIFM (Do It For Me) package. However, if you have a DIY package or just require some ongoing maintainance, our customer support team will be happy to make the edits you require, without charge.

What if I get stuck with something?

There is a whole suite of help guides which are part of our EZ guide series as well as video tutorials. Here is a link to the main WebHealer Help Guide which has links to the others. If you need further assistance our customer support team are available by phone or email from 9am-5pm Mon.-Fri. and are more than happy to help with your website and answer any of your questions.

How to change designs/upgrade?

You can give us a call on 0345 5570300 or send an email to and we will discuss upgrade and design options with you to help figure out what would suit you best.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What do you do to help with my site’s SEO?

We have developed a series of automation tools, which collectively we call searchMAX. Our searchMAX product comes bundled as part of our websites which enables us to implement optimisation improvements rapidly across our customer base using a 3 step process:

  1. Phrase Selection: Our trained SearchMax consultants will work with you to decide which are the key phrases to target - those that will reach your potential clients

  2. On Page Optimisation: This is about ensuring Google recognises your website as relevant for these important phrases - this gets you "on the list"

  3. Off Page Optimisation: is a constant process of building your website's online reputation - this is how you climb the list. We begin this process by adding you to some particularly important online directories

Is there an extra cost for this?

No, our SEO service is included as part of your package deal. Please note however, some key phrases are more competitive and our included SEO services are not guaranteed to have your website ranking well. We will help you choose the right phrases which will work for your business and be relevant to your audience.

Can I pay extra to have you do additional SEO work for my site?

Depending on how competitive your key phrases are, you may need ongoing additional SEO specific work completed on your website. We can guide you through this process and any associated costs (if applicable). Contact us for more information and a "plain English" chat.