Sharing Links

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This guide explains how to share links to your website which allow other people to go directly to your home page or to any other specific page or even part of a page


If you'd like someone to visit your website, you would probably send them a link to its 'www' address, for example  Did you know you can also send links which direct people to a specific page or even to a specific section of a page. Here's how.

Caution: Use these methods for sharing with individuals. If you are listing your website on a directory or public place we strongly recommend just the plain website address or you can waste the "SEO" benefit and miss out on improving your Google position.

Links to individual pages

Each page of your website has a number, starting with 1 and there is a simple method for directing people to any individual page, by adding a /page suffix. For example: takes your visitor to page 2 (currently called Psychotherapy and Counselling) takes your visitor to page 6 (currently the contact page)

Links to specific places on a page

If you recall seeing website addresses with a # in them, this is the standard syntax to say that the link goes directly to a particular place on a web page and the text after the # determines where it is.

To use this method you need to insert some code into your website which acts as a marker. We'll use our website to demonstrate. Our second page on this site is called About Me and if you scroll down you'll find a section which lists Qualifications. Now we can make a link which will take people straight to that qualifications section.

  1. Decide on a shortcode to use avoiding spaces and special characters. It's much safer to stick with letters and numbers. We will use
  2. Insert this code into either the Text Displayed or Subheading area as shown below, then save your changes
        <a name="qual"></a>
  3. We can now send links with the suffix #qual

That is all there is to it. You can have as many of these markers on a page as you like.