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WebHealer's Monthly Content Writing Service

In addition to writing your entire website’s copy for you, WebHealer offers you the chance to have two blog posts added to your practice website every month, making sure you maintain a strong online presence and attract more clients to your practice.

The service costs just £45 + VAT a month and allows you to sit back as our dedicated copywriting team adds relevant, unique content to your website throughout the year.

Leave It to the Professionals

If you have tried to write a blog post before, you will know that it’s not so simple. Writing a 500-word piece that is properly structured and has a unique, snappy title, with cleanly-worded, engaging content, takes time and expertise. Using our dedicated copywriting team makes sure that your blog posts are of a professional standard and give the best possible account of your practice.

The Process...

Initial Call

To start with, you will have a 15 to 30-minute call with our professional copywriter. They will clarify the areas you want to write about and keywords you want to get found for on Google - e.g. hypnotherapy, couples counselling, etc. - and then propose two blog post titles for the upcoming month.


Once you and the copywriter have agreed on two attention-grabbing blog post titles for that month’s service, they will go away and produce two unique blog posts ranging from between 300 to 600 words. The first blog post will be sent to you two weeks after your initial call, with the second post being sent another two weeks later. You are free to add these posts to your practice website’s blog whenever you like.


After the second monthly blog post has been sent to you, the copywriter will invite you to book another call with them ahead of next month’s service. This is just another brief chat over the phone to clarify two more blog post titles for the following month. The process simply repeats itself, meaning all you need to do is have a quick phone call every 30 days and we will keep providing fresh content for your practice website.

Rank Higher on Google

Google gives a higher ranking to practice websites that add fresh content every month. Most practitioners will launch their website and then add nothing new for years. Our content writing service allows you to move higher in the search engine rankings every month without even needing to lift a finger.

Build Trust With Clients

Along with giving your practice website greater credibility with Google, thereby bringing you more visitors and potential clients, our monthly service enables you to build authority with existing clients. It gives you a chance to show your passion, demonstrate your expertise, and outline the different ways your service can help clients.

Get started...

For more information on WebHealer’s monthly content writing service, feel free to get in touch with our support team to ask any questions.