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UK Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Kung - Find a teacher in England, Wales or Scotland

The origin of Yoga is in ancient India from around 2500 BC. It is a designed to bring the practitioners health, happiness, and a greater sense of Self. In Yoga, the body and mind are linked to create a state of internal peacefulness and integration, bringing the individual from a state of separation to a self-unity that is flexible, accepting and whole. Yoga uses a combination of relaxation, breathing techniques and exercise which combats stress, and helps circulation and movement of the joints.

Tai Chi originates in China. It is a Chinese Taoist martial art form combines mental concentration, coordinated breathing and slow, graceful body movements to increase well-being, lessen stress, and strengthen the body. The gentle movements and postures in Tai Chi are designed to achieve a harmonious flow of energy (chi) in the body.

Chi Kung works on a similar level to Tai Chi, and is a breathing exercise that cultivates chi and transmits it to all the bodily organs. Known in ancient China as "the method to repel illness and prolong life."

Many Yoga practitioners are members of a professional or charitable organisation such as The British Wheel of Yoga or The Iyengar Yoga Association.
Pilates Teacher in Kingston upon Thames | Classes & Instructor for Twickenham
Website: www.thepilatesexperience.co.uk

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Website: www.lynnemariepartington.com

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Website: www.lisa-yogaforall.com

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Website: www.yogama.co.uk

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Website: www.yogalite.co.uk

Yoga teacher for Canary Wharf | Yoga classes in Docklands & City Of London
Website: www.yogawithloreta.com

Martial Arts in Woking near Chertsey | BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Weybridge
Website: www.mavenbjj.co.uk

Yoga Teacher in Conil de la Frontera | Massage Courses and Beauty Training near Cadiz, Andalusia
Website: www.stillnessyoga.net

Yoga in Liverpool and Southport | Yoga and Meditation
Website: www.orientalyoga.co.uk

Yoga classes for Billericay | Prenatal Pregnancy Yoga in Essex
Website: www.luisarennieyoga.co.uk

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Yoga class and teacher in North Oxford by Robin Lipsey Yoga
Website: www.oxfordyoga.org.uk

Yoga Teacher | Beginners Yoga
Website: www.keithnathanielpartington.com

Tai Chi in Stoke and Staffordshire | Medical Qigong for Newcastle under Lyme
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