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Psychology and Counselling Psychology

This page lists psychologists who work in private practice whether part time alongside their clinical psychology jobs or full time.

In the UK, although the term 'psychologist' is not protected, anyone calling themself a counselling psychologist or clinical psychologist must be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). To check the status of anyone's registration you may wish to visit the HCPC website. Some psychologists may also have Chartered Psychologist status, an accreditation awarded by the British Psychological Society on successful completion of a 6 year education and training programme plus demonstration of knowledge, skills and autonomous practice to professional doctorate standard.

Psychologists specialise in a wide range of disciplines such as coaching or as an expert witness, however if you are looking for a psychologist specialising in psychotherapy you may also wish to visit our psychotherapy listings. The Royal College of Psychiatrists maintains a useful page clarifying the distinction between Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists. In brief:

  • Psychiatry is a medical speciality, like surgery or paediatrics, requiring 5 years training as a doctor followed by hospital training, before undertaking training for the necessary professional exams. Like other branches of medicine psychiatrists take a diagnostic approach, learning through the observation of unusual and distressing conditions and looking for patterns in order to identify "syndromes" which can be investigated, leading to methods of treatment.
  • A psychotherapist can come from any (medicine or psychology) or no professional background prior to their formal training. There are many different branches of psychotherapy based on different theoretical underpinnings each with a particular theory of mind which leads to different methods of intervention. Different therapies suit different people and situations, however compared to counselling psychology or psychiatry, psychotherapy tends to be more focussed on helping the individual to clarify their own problems and arrive at their own solutions.
  • A Clinical Psychologist has a university degree in psychology as well as NHS training and will deal with a wide range of problems from eating disorders to schizophrenia and dementia, often specialising in a particular type of assessment or therapy, such as cognitive behavioural therapy or neuropsychology. Compared to psychotherapy, clinical psychology tends to take a more formal experimental approach to exploring states of mind.

Depending on your particular situation the most appropriate professional may be less formally qualified than a counselling psychologist but with more experience in a particular area such as bereavement counselling.

Sporting Solutions with Kathleen Kettles
Kathleen Haden - Sports psychology for Scotland. Offering counselling and therapy with a focus on sports performance, achievement and solutions. Therapy sessions are available near Dundee or online via skype or by telephone.
Website: www.kathleenkettles.com
Dr John Ashworth
Counselling & Psychotherapy for Bristol, North Bristol & South Gloucestershire with UKCP Registered Psychotherapist & Psychologist Dr John Ashworth.
Website: www.drjohnashworth.co.uk
Amelia Mangani
Clinical Psychology & Psychoanalysis in London Bridge & Manchester, with Psychologist & Psychoanalyst Amelia Mangani. For the City, London SE1, Altrincham, Greater Manchester & Cheshire.
Website: www.ameliamanganitherapy.com
Jeanne Vorster Naidoo
Chartered Psychologist & Clinical Psychologist Jeanne Vorster Naidoo, based in Hampstead, North London. Chartered Psychology & Psychotherapy for Finchley, Belsize Park, Swiss Cottage & surrounding areas.
Website: www.jeannevorsternaidoo.com
Psychology For Better Living
Psychology For Better Living: Clinical Psychologist Dr Paul Sigel in Farringdon, Central London. Conveniently located for Islington, Clerkenwell and surrounding areas.
Website: www.psychologyforbetterliving.com
DNA Counselling Psychology
DNA Counselling Psychology in Newbury & Reading. Counselling & Psychotherapy with an Integrative Counsellor and Therapist, located within easy reach of Thatcham, Theale & Chiveley.
Website: www.dnacounsellingpsychology.com
Dr John Ashworth
Anger Management Therapy in Bristol, with Psychotherapist Dr. John Ashworth. Counselling & Therapy for people who want to manage, control and understand their anger, covering Bristol, Bath & the South Gloucestershire area.
Website: www.angertherapy.co.uk
English speaking psychologist and counsellor in Levent in Istanbul. Counselling to help you make lasting changes in your life and overcome emotional distress.
Website: www.couplescounsellingistanbul.com
Judith Terry
Counselling & Psychotherapy in Esher, Surrey with Counselling Psychologist Judith Terry. Counselling Psychology for Weybridge, Walton on Thames and surrounding areas.
Website: www.surreycounsellingpractice.co.uk
Sefton Psychology Services
Sefton Psychology Services: specialist provider of private Clinical Psychologist Assessment, Consultation and Training in Stoke on Trent, Crewe and Alsager.
Website: www.seftonpsychology.com
Deryck Thake
Psychology and Counselling for individuals based in central Cambridge, with experienced therapist and psychologist Deryck Thake.
Website: www.cambridgecounsellingpsychology.co.uk
Dr Mihaela Zdrali
Mihaela Zdrali is a counsellor and psychologist in Weybridge in Surrey. Counselling psychology in Richmond giving you support, understanding and professional guidance towards a resolution and peace of mind.
Website: www.mzcounselling.co.uk